22 Things I Learnt Whilst Being 22

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

It is currently 11:22pm on the 21st April 2020 as I am writing this. This is the day before my 23th birthday.

I had this thought whilst I was in the shower about half an hour ago. I'm getting ridiculously old quick. Back when I was in school, I couldn't even imagine me being an older version of myself - apparently the idea that I age did not exist. Do I feel that I have gotten wiser with age like how an aged wine becomes finer? Probably not but this is debatable and I feel here I try to state my case. This is a list of 22 random things I have learnt since being 22.

1 Paying for an expensive gym actually motivates you to go to it since you're paying a crapton of money. Facts. Also a rewards program is honestly the best way to incentivise customers. 3,000 virgin velocity points. yes please. Oh wait- Virgin Australia went into involuntary administration as of 21st April 2020 and I can't redeem any points for at least a month. The timing is *muah* so badly perfect.

2 Waking up at 5-5:30 am is not as painful as it seems if you do it almost everyday. I often feel more productive in the morning as well and feel so accomplished and put together when I've done a workout, showered and got ready all before 9am. Adulting success.

3 Since you went to an all-girls high school, you are about five years behind in relationships. One day you will bloom but really deep down, you just want to find love and a guy to like you. So corny and middle school but again- facts.

4 You had no expectations of America but fuck - that was a sick holiday. New York and San Francisco were my highlights but LA and San Diego were also incredible. You definitely want to go back- preferably in the winter. Is it sad I miss New York subways especially after a dirty night out? I miss the sunny weather I had in America, particularly in NY,- I was seriously blessed. Nothing felt better than strolling through the streets of a city you haven't ventured before with the sunshine radiating on your back.

5 It is okay to not feel okay. Girl, you overcame a really bad period in your life. Congrats! Having experienced depression does not make you weak- it just makes you stronger that you are in such a happier place back than you were back then. You also got a tattoo (don't worry about those judgers) as a memento and a way to get over the pain. Pretty cute.

6 You appreciate how supportive and lucky you are have to have devoting parents and a brother who loves you even though he looks like he hates you on the outside - sibling love.

7 I am also lucky to call Sydney home. Having walked around my area a lot due to the COVID-19 situation ( I decided to run/jog tomorrow morning), I appreciate how beautiful the beaches and landscape is. You're still set on moving to London or New York by the time you are 30 but Sydney is truly a gem.

8 Take lots of pictures. Take lots of memories. And document them. I am really happy I have decided to also retake blogging again due to the COVID-19 situation. In a way, it makes me show gratitude in what I do during the day or week. Be kind to yourself and others.

9 You're an adult now - you need to change your priorities. Peers your age are getting married, pregnant, buying houses. Sure, you're not ready for any of these things but it's time to look at the bigger picture and really think about the future and not just what bar/club or concert you want to see for the month.

10 But also learn to not be jealous by other people and understand that everyone goes through life at their own pace. You're not ahead or behind someone else- you're just going through life in a different way.

11 You finished university! Time seriously flies. The last year flew by in particular. Seriously well done. You did three majors and your current job doesn't require any of those. Really excellent job!

12 But you still don't know what to do and that is fine. You had a semi quarter-life meltdown if you even wanted to be in the profession you're in but you don't know exactly where you want to be and most people don't. What you will do is work hard at where you are at and try the best to take any opportunities that are presented to you.

13 Talking to anyone over the phone at 4am is never a good idea and never will be. Especially if you're on holiday in San Francisco. Just go to bed.

14 You genuinely like Tik Tok and that low-key is a bit of a concern.

15  It is ok to not text anyone for a while. It is okay to keep to yourself. Put yourself first.

16 Quality over quantity is vital when it comes to friends. You spent a majority of your life where you thought being well-liked was important. Well, it's okay if people don't like you. You can't please everyone but the people who do care, the people you do like. Cherish them.

17 Everything becomes difficult the first time you do something. Ask for help and give it a go. You're going to go from waddling into the water to swimming in the deep end having fun and not having a care in the world. A metaphor and a real-life scenario.

18 Music is still and always will be a huge part of your life- especially live music. You are open to experiences and there is nothing as satisfying as seeing an artist you love live. Some amazing musicians you saw live when you were 22 include: Tom Misch, Arctic Monkeys, Rex Orange County (all of these in the UK), Tyler the Creator (who is like your inspiration and favourite) and Brockhampton. And you're just scraping the surface here.

Also going to a gig alone is not bad. Embrace it. Fuck.

19 Continue to learn and increase knowledge because that is so valuable. From your work, the news, the books you are reading. Youtube and Netflix are great but expand your world.

20 Invest in good staple pieces that are worth value and love. Be minimalistic and don't hoard all your stuff. You gravitate to wearing the same pieces because there is a reason you like them. There is no need to constantly hoard more stuff. Working in fast fashion was a demise here because it took you a while to understand this simple concept.

21 Move on seriously. Don't be hung up on the guy that doesn't like you back or any other relatively small inconveniences in your life. No matter how painful an experience seems to be you need to learn to let go. (Unless you're Ted Mosby and despite letting go of Robin you still marry her-worst television ending ever). The pain will hinder you in moving forward and you need to move forward to become the best version of yourself.

22 Time is of the essence. Nothing will be accomplished if you don't do anything. Make imagination into reality. Be more determined. Do research. Because as corny as it is, the sky is honestly the limit and you can do anything. Look at how much you have accomplished in only 22 years. Heck, you've been to more countries than years on this Earth. That is incredible!

Heck, you could die tomorrow. Don't spend your time on regretting on something you could have done or something you should have done. Mistakes make you grow.

All the photographs in this post were taken in the sweet summer of June 2019 in New York City. If you asked me at 21, I don't think I thought I would be here at 22. To me, travelling was a metric of success, knowledge and experience and I feel like I encapsulated all three.

I finished writing at 12:26 am on the 22nd April 2020. Happy birthday to me! 

Do I feel any older? Not really

Do I feel any wiser? I actually do now.

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