Stuck in Quarantine #12 | Why am I Stopping My Travel Posts + Important Blogging Updates

Sunday, 19 July 2020

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Hi again! It's me Clarissa- long time no see. So I've missed a few Sundays in my weekly updates and for good reason. 



More specifically, I moved blog domains. Unlike a house, I still haven't moved out yet but Splashes with Fabulosity will unfortunately be more like an archive for now. I've found a better house. It has stairs and a built in wardrobe and heating. Whilst, this is not a goodbye I think this chapter has come to another end (I stopped writing in 2016-7 and revitalised this year during the pandemic). 

I am really glad to have matured- I think it's a beautiful thing. Who knew ageing would be so sexy?

My new blog is (bookmark it, follow it, etc):

I really like the blog name. It suits me. I am a Sydneysider born and bred and I want you to come along and explore my life and my early twenties whilst also showing you Sydney as well (food, travel, entertainment, etc). I have been writing on it for about a month from now and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. 

I hope to see you very soon! 


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Femme Luxe* Haul | Dresses for Winter Days

Monday, 22 June 2020

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Femme Luxe* came back with the goods which is so exciting and I am here to show you all another haul. I definitely think they excel with their dresses selling affordable yet fashionable pieces. With winter here, I wanted to pick out some nice dresses I could wear in the colder weather. Also yes I probably should clean my mirror. 

I can not say no to a little black dress. Especially a bardot black dress. Bardot (off the shoulder) is such a flattering yet seductive style that works for both day and night. I think this is a really versatile dress your could wear to both brunch and date night. I also love the bodycon shape it gives and it's really form-fitting and snug on the body which we love. The dress comes in size 6-12. I tried on the 12 and it was a tight fit and I usually like buying a 14 (even though 12 usually works) so stick to your size. I love this though- it is so stunning!

Not too sure why I decided to photograph this like if this was a wedding dress. I think white dresses are so nice and I am obsessed with the ruched details. I love the long sleeves and the bodycon fit the dress gives. I got a size 14 and it fit nice. I honestly think I could have sized down to a 12 but I would stick to your normal size. This dress goes from size 6-16. 

It is also double lined in the chest area so you don't have to be too worried. As with all white dresses, I would absolutely be careful with the undergarments you wear although this was definitely less see-through than I expected. Still be on the safe side. This dress is so pretty though! 

It would be a serious understatement if I said I was disappointed with this dress. I was so disappointed because I was so excited for this one but it didn't fit. I would recommend sizing up for sure as this material is not stretchy compared to the other two. It is a nice thick ribbed material, great quality and the tan brown colour is so gorgeous and definitely adds a bit of sophistication to your outfit. The dress comes in size 6-16.  

I love the ribbed detailing and the wrap style of this bodycon dress. I also love how this comes in multiple colours. It also comes in sage green, lilac (this is so cute) and good old black. I really wish this fit. This was the perfect winter dress!

This dress is so gorgeous. I love everything about it: the long sleeves, the ruched detailing, the bodycon mini dress fit. Now I actually ordered this in my last Femme Luxe haul but it sadly did not fit (click to read). I learnt my lesson and sized up but sadly this did not fit either which is such a shame. There is absolutely no stretch to this whatsoever. I would even order two sizes up for this if you can. The dress goes from size 6-16 but I personally would stay away if you're a size 12 up. 

I think long sleeves on a mini dress is an incredibly sexy and seductive look. It's modest and demure but also fun- it's hard to describe. I also absolutely love satin dresses. Satin dresses are glamorous and also add a bit of extra sophistication. The dress also comes in lilac and grey. 


Once again, thank you for Femme Luxe* for gifting me these clothes. I love all the dresses and would recommend. I would just be a bit cautious with sizing as with all online clothing websites. What is your ideal winter dress?

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Social Experiment: Getting Rid of My Social Media for a Week | Putting Your Mental Health First and Foremost

Friday, 19 June 2020

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For the past few weeks, I felt like I am dealing with a lot of negativity in my personal life that it seems a bit overwhelming. Coronavirus restrictions have also lifted and a lot of people are posting stories about their brunch date with the gals and going outside when it all seems very trivial given the current events in today's atmosphere with the Black Lives Matter movement and other societal issues going on. In addition, Instagram is a huge part of my life and I am on it for hours so I thought I would go on a detox. One of my friends also was a bit MIA on social media (which low-key got me scared because she lives in LA and given how violent the US protests have become in particular- she's fine haha) but she definitely inspired me. 

For the past two weeks, I have had exams so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try a social experiment. If you have an iPhone, you can actually restrict your time usage on apps by going to 

Settings ---> Screen Time ---> App Limits

You can restrict your usage overall i.e. social networking 8 hours would mean using all social media apps collectively for 8 hours like Instagram, Twitter, etc. I thought this wasn't restrictive enough. I already have this limit and I rarely go past this limit. In hindsight, I could have just deleted the apps because I decided to put a 1 minute/day limit on Instagram and Messenger. Essentially, this meant I didn't want to use the apps at all. 

The Experiment

I decided to leave apps such as Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest because these apps don't take hours out of my day. I often check in here and there and didn't feel I needed to restrict it. Pinterest really helps with general inspiration and inspiration for blogging whilst Twitter keeps me up to date with the world around me. Snapchat is also been a great way for me to communicate playfully to my friends. 

When it comes to mindless scrolling and non-productivity, the main culprit is Instagram. I also didn't want to go completely off the grid. I started this restriction on the weekend on Saturday afternoon. 

No Instagram for 1 week until my exams were over. 

I ended up painting and watching Youtube and not really craving social media engagement at all. It was nice to be in solitude and do my own thing completely oblivious to the world around me. 

Honestly, on Sunday night, I didn't really miss Instagram at all. I didn't really feel like I was missing out on anything. Nor was I dying to go back onto the app. It really made me reflect on my social media usage and behaviour. I was perfectly fine and appreciated my time away. 

I want to be clear I wasn't overly productive either. I spent the day mainly working on my blog, writing blog posts, watching Youtube and eating crisps. 

A week later

I didn't really miss it- sure I felt like I didn't know what was going on with people but I never craved to go on the app. The main reason why I wasn't particularly sad about leaving Instagram temporarily was that I was never really dependent on it. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the app (and will probably never quit) but I never felt anything was too genuine and I didn't really communicate much with people on there anyway. Once you become dependent, it becomes dangerous and you feel like you're living your life through a screen. 


The main takeaway I found was that I think it's liberating that you can live life on your terms and not for someone else and someone else's entertainment. You don't have to compare yourself unrealistically to anyone else or feel pressure to be productive, be social, etc. You are able to authentically be you and that's such a special thing. 

Source: Pinterest
I think this quote I found on Pinterest is really helpful. Leaving social media and increasing your offline presence can help rejuvenate your soul and provide you a wealth of opportunities. For example, I did some painting, reading, listened to music and watched Youtube (whilst writing blog posts). I also did a lot of studying during the weekdays. 

You could find or rejuvenate a new passion, spend time with friends or even spend more time on studying if you're at university/school. Increasing your offline presence and leaving social media can let you reflect and shift priorities for the future. For example, for me, I will not be using Instagram as much as I did. I felt the extra hours were not really beneficial, productive or fun really. I could better manage my time and reallocate it resourcefully to my hobbies. I definitely want to be focus on my blogging and my writing. I actually really was into journalism and media when I was growing up (no one will believe me) and I want it keep it up. 

Lastly, I think it is so important to put yourself first. Listen to your feelings and your guts. Social media is great to be connected and engaged but don't let it be detrimental to your mental health. If you ever think life is getting a bit too much, stressful or you just want to get away for a bit, I am with you all the way and highly encourage you limit or even delete your social media presence for a while, no matter how short or long you want the duration to be. It will do wonders for your mental health. 

Do not feel guilty for doing this - ever. 

Source: Pinterest
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Lux Hair Shop: Some of My Favourite Wigs and Hairstyles

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The links are not affiliate links and I do not get paid from you clicking on them. 

If anyone was to get me into wigs it would be Jordan Lipscombe (the girl always be looking snatched). I've always liked the idea of playing with wigs allowing you to be being creative and experimental with your look without having to go through the process of dying, bleaching and styling your hair. However, wigs can also be incredibly versatile so you could go natural with a wig and go for a more everyday look. 

That's where Lux Hair Shop can come in. This is a great online shop that sells all kinds of human hair wigs. The one above is gorgeous and sleek and is probably my favourite one. It is the perfect brunette long hair wig (with the topknot included- how cute). I think this hairstyle looks so classy and sophisticated perfect for work, school or a cute date but also gives off huge baddie aesthetic energy (which I love). Seriously the best of both worlds. 
Lux Hair Shop also has many long human hair wig options. These two stuck out to me because they're a bit more unique. I really love silver and purple hair and ashy tones. I also love wavy beachy curls. I remember being seriously into sea salt spray a couple of years ago (It was a phase ok). Imagine never having to curl and style your hair? 

Now, you can with these wigs.  I could never put this hair colour off but I think it looks so good when done right. The silver hair gives me huge Ariana Grande vibes because she would also totes put it in a high ponytail too. 

If long hair isn't your thing, try a short human hair wig instead. A short, sleek bob looks so sophisticated. One day I definitely want to cut my hair short (lacking the confidence though). You could try a nice sleek black bob (always a winner- you can't go wrong) or be a bit more daring and go for a cotton candy pink bob. This pink bob is so cute. I could totally see Talia Mar wear this pink bob. She is also another Youtuber who I think looks so good in wigs. 

There are so many wig options that it kind of can be a bit daunting and overwhelming but Lux Hair Shop helps by breaking the wigs down by a variety of categories including by colour, hair style and hair length making online shopping easier. We love that for us. They also have a blog section which is useful as they give wig advice and tips. I've had a look and didn't know you could dye wigs! That's insane. 

Like everything to do with hair, I know how integral hair can be to our identity. Hair is a great form of self expression so get comfortable to play around and see what works for you. Discover a new hairstyle or new colour if you want to.  I'm definitely considering having my hair cut and styled soon and now I even may consider trying a wig.  

Let me know which wig you liked the best?

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Travel in 48 Hours | Pisa and Florence, Italy September 2018

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
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Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 September 2018

Nice, France ---> Pisa, Italy 

Pisa, Italy ---> Florence, Italy

Pisa is a lovely destination to take your iconic photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I wasn't very innovative and just did the generic 'oh no I pushed the tower down' pose because I just wanted a nice picture. There isn't much in Pisa besides the tower. Just the tower, hundreds of tourists and even more people selling random crap. 

Our next stop was Florence. I would love to spend more time in the Tuscany region and looking back I was pleasantly surprised. It is home to so many masterpieces in Renaissance art and culture. The intricate details on the Duomo are divine. I really wish we had time to get inside and go to the top to take in the breath-taking, aerial view of Florence. Regrets. 

The Ponte Vecchio, is a famous bridge and is a really charming spot of Florence. We had red wine and pasta and steak rump for lunch which felt so hearty and Italian. Looking back, I wish I spent more time in Tuscany. At the time, I was just really concerned that I was bitten by so many mosquitoes in our accomodation. Nothing better than buying insect repellent written in Italian. 

I think it is human psychology that we focus and dramatise negative experiences over positive ones. I am definitely learning to practise gratitude and encourage you to do so. Appreciating little things can help with our mind and I feel so privileged to have travelled so much so far - little did I know I would travel so much more over the course of the next few months. Ticking only 4 countries at this point would soon escalate to about 20. 

Don't dwell on the fact that mosquitos are biting your legs is the moral of the story basically. 

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Review | Mappen | Best Ramen in Sydney for under $10? (cheap)

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Mappen Noodle Bar
Shop 11/537-551 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000
(Skywire Shopping Plaza)

I go past George St near Town Hall so many times that you'll expect me to have eaten at every single place within a 200m radius but I haven't. I tend to gravitate towards the same places as I'm sure most of us do. 

I finished my 4 hour exam in the morning (yes I know- and I needed the whole 4 hours) and so by 4pm all I had was a McMuffin from McDonalds and a banana. I was hungry. There are 2 places on George St that I really like for cheap ramen. Ramen is my comfort food. I'll never be sick of it and will always consider it as a meal option. Plus the slurping of noodles in a hot soup broth- hello?

I think cheap food is underrated- sometimes we just need a little pick me up but still eat something nice. It's great for most occasions: if you're on the go, by yourself or hanging out with friends or even a date (I have lol). The place I wanted to go was still closed (coronavirus restrictions are just being lifted so I guess it's not viable for some businesses to open yet?). 

A lot of cheap food places will either be cash only or minimum spend to use card (usually $10). This is why I think Mappen increased their prices since coronavirus because I usually would get a Large to be able to use my card but the Regular was $10.90. I can't be too sure but I believe so. Anyway- I raised an eyebrow. 

I always get the karage chicken ramen. It's my absolute favourite. I love chicken and I love ramen- it's a match made in heaven. I promise to order something different next time I come in. 

I do enjoy how simple Mappen keeps it. You stand in a line like a cafeteria to order and then be tempted by add-ons at the self-serve (like takoyaki, tempura, etc) and receive your food and pay. It feels very simple but quick which is a huge benefit of cheap food- convenience. I really like this concept of cooking after ordering and being able to watch the process through the glass screen (although I don't really pay attention).

The decor is also very simple with wooden tables and chairs. It feels very homely. I was a little disappointed to see how little I got but I think it's because they don't put a lot of soup in the ramen so it just looks less but I would say it's still a very adequate portion and the amount of karage chicken is substantial so I appreciate it. It also isn't completely soggy which I also appreciate. 

Overall, Mappen is great for quick comfort food, specifically ramen and udon. This place can get really busy during peak hours but people eat quickly here so space is not a problem. This always fills me up and is very tasty but-

Yes there's a but. I do think there are other great ramen places in Sydney that are in a similar affordable price range that are just as good. I do repeatedly visit Mappen so I would say it is definitely on the top end of my list. 

So here are some other popular ramen restaurants in Sydney I've eaten at:

Tenkomori Sydney - This actually was the ramen place I had in mind because it is cheaper than Mappen but it was closed. Super tasty but they only accept cash. In terms of taste and reputation, I probably would go for Mappen though but this is usually my first choice just because I pass it first walking down George St (from Town Hall) and it's cheaper.

Ryo's Noodles- One of the best imo if you're willing to wait in line. This restaurant is near North Sydney/Crows Nest and is always PACKED and for good reason. They serve excellent Tokyo-style ramen and it seriously did not disappoint. It is also super affordable so what's not to love.

Ippudo- Overrated, next. I did like the one in New York a lot but it is quite expensive and personally I just think there are so many other ramen places that can competitively compete with both price and quality. 

Menya- I also really liked eating here. The ramen was delicious and the place and food felt really authentic. 

Ichiban Boshi- OMG I lived for this during my first and second year at uni. Located in The Galleries (in the QVB in Town Hall), they serve delicious cheap Japanese food. My go-to was the wonton ramen only because I had to spend over $10 (I hate minimum card purchases). I personally would not put this in my top list but if you see one around, I would still recommend it. 

As you can see, I'm really passionate about ramen. Let me know what you think of this food review post, I'm thinking of doing more in future (I love to eat). 

What are some of your favourite ramen places where you live? 

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Stuck in Quarantine #11 | 8 - 14 June | How to Study for Exams

Monday, 15 June 2020

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Hello everyone! I've spent this week studying for my exams which has been an experience and a half. I finished university in May 2019 so this was my first exam in over a year and trust me, it took time for me to adjust. These exams are for my professional Chartered Accountant qualification at work (actually it's CA Foundations as I didn't major in accounting at uni- go figure). 

I thought I would share a few tips that I personally use to help with studying. This would be perfect for people who:

- don't have a lot of time to study
- haven't studied in a very long time 
- interested in improving their efficiency 

1 Focus on main areas and accept what you don't know 

Learn to prioritise and know effective studying is not knowing everything but rather knowing what you do know very well. Many questions will be in regards to application and more high level thinking as opposed to easy level thinking like definitions. 

If you cram every single detail, read every single resources, you are going to overfill your brain capacity and be overworked and then not remember anything in detail. Accept what you don't know but know what you can really well to maximise your marks.

For me, I was stupid and wasn't reading the tutorial solutions every week so come exam prep time, I could not be arsed to read 14 pages of short response answers from every week that it just was not going into my brain. Given the multiple choice nature of the exam, I decided early on to scrap this and just focus on the content and practise exams/test banks that would be more useful in a multiple choice format. 

Notice which concepts are recurring and make up major parts of the syallabus and also focus on concepts that you don't know very well and practise, practise, practise. 

2 Use colours such as highlighting 

Highlighting and using different coloured pens will go a long way. They are eye-catching and will stand out in your notes- reminding you key concepts and little extra points you made.

However, do read your notes thoroughly and only highlight key concepts. Too many people go frantic in their highlighting and it becomes meaningless and distracting by just highlighting the whole page. This will help in you summarising what the key points of a topic are by only highlighting what is important. 

Also consider colour coding (i.e. using different coloured highlights for different key areas such as blue for key concepts, pink for challenging areas that you need to revisit and yellow for examples). This will provide clarity in your notes making it easier to study. 

3 Take positive breaks to recharge and refocus  

In the days leading up to your exam, don't spend the entire day studying. That's just silly. Take well-meaning breaks (maybe 15-30 minutes every 2 hours for example). This allows your mind to reset and come back more focused and energised than before. 

I would recommend doing more positive activities such as taking a walk (nature does so much for our mental health and clarity) or cleaning your room. You could even talk to a friend or even eat lol. Try avoiding naps or Netflix if you can because activities like this can make you even more tired than before. 

All those times I tried taking a 5 minute nap which turned out to be 2 hours and I was more tired than ever... 

4 Get a good night sleep 

Seriously- as simple and silly as it sounds, get a good night's sleep. Recharge and wake up on your exam day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. 

Spending an extra hour cramming the night before is going to do nothing. Guaranteed.

I hope this has been useful to read and best of luck for your exams!
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Travel with Only 24 Hours | Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland August 2018

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
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Thursday 30 and Friday 31 August 2018

Paris, France ---> Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland  

Launterbrunnen is a picturesque small village in Switzerland that is right by the mountains and is close to Jungfrau, the top of Europe, in the Swiss Alps. We spent about a day and a half here which was more than plenty as whilst the views were breath-taking, the village was small. 

Going on a tour like Topdeck, whilst makes planning the day easy does hinder your options. Firstly, 1-2 days is not doing Switzerland any justice. I could easily have spent a week exploring different cities and maybe have the opportunity to ski. There was an option to skydive here which would be amazing but the cost was so steep (around $800 AUD). It also was largely dependent on the weather and unfortunately the skydiving was scraped. Luckily, those people were still able to get the train to Jungfrau with the rest of us. 

I really wish I could have explored Switzerland more. Interlaken, which is really close, is beautiful and we drove past it on our way to Launterbrunnen where we had a nice dinner with cheese fondue. Then think of places like Lucerne, which looks stunning, Geneva and Zurich. I really missed out but my bank account did thank me because Switzerland is expensive. This is also further worsened by the fact Switzerland has its own currency, Swiss Francs, which just makes it that tiny bit more annoying to have to deal with another currency. Ironic because Francs are what the French use but they don't even use it anymore- they use Euros. 

The weather was not the best with scattered rain most of the day but it is so nice and refreshing to see something atypical from what you expect from a European summer holiday that I kind of feels a bit out of place with the rest of my trip (followed by going to the French Rivera and Greek Islands so huge change in scenery). The scenic landscape definitely had a magical appeal to it. There is also a waterfall which I recommend you to climb to- it's how I got this picture. 

I capped the day by buying a Swiss army knife for my dad with his name engraved on it because why not? This was followed by relaxing in a cafe with a brownie. 

The majority of people found Switzerland to be their highlight after the first week of the trip. I would strongly recommend coming to Lauterbrunnen if you are thinking of adding Switzerland to your itinerary.

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Review | Netflix and Chill | Queer Eye Season 5 (spoilers sort of)

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Season 5 of Queer Eye was released on June 5 2020 and you can watch it on Netflix. I really like how Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) wrote an Instagram post about his feelings on the untimely release of Queer Eye given the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, he makes an excellent point that this is not meant to be seen as a 'cure' nor a distraction but rather a tool that can be used to rest, engage in self-care, and inspire conversations around our incredible heroes and their stories. 

I love JVN and I even went to seen his show in Sydney back in February but I really think this sums up the essence of Queer Eye really well. I like how all the main characters in the show are called 'heroes'They all have really amazing back stories and demonstrate excellence in their everyday lives, friendships and communities. Many of them deal with issues such as low self-confidence, stress and insecurities and the Fab Five really help them find their sense of self-worth and confidence and get them back on their feet again.

The show not only gives them amazing physical makeovers but also amazing mental transformations that really leave you gasping. This is why I find Karamo's input as the 'culture' expert (but really he just gives you a huge life pep talk that you really needed to hear) as really impactful to our heroes. Antoni has a special place in my heart (his love for corgis is so adorable) but I always found his expertise in food less helpful to the heroes than the others. Like Bobby renovates a house in a week and Antoni shows us how to make a quinoa salad?

JVN gives amazing hair and grooming transformations and the heroes usually see such a huge difference in their look which gives them great confidence. Tan gives our heroes a fashion makeover and allows our heroes to find their sense of style through personality. It always warms my heart to see how our heroes react to the makeovers.

Let's not forget Bobby and his amazing crew behind the scenes that work on the house renovations. They always look so gorgeous and I am always baffled they get all that done so quickly.

However, this season I really saw Antoni shine. In one episode, he talks with one of the heroes and teaches him how food brings a sense of community. Many of the heroes struggle with lack of self-care, neglecting themselves as they become devoted to their work or other people. Literally, many of the heroes do not have time to cook for themselves but metaphorically, our heroes can even learn so much from just the basic skills.

I don't want to spoil so much and I thought about how I would rate each episode but I really liked all of them. I do think the season started really strong and the first two episodes remain some of my favourites.

Episode 1 sees Noah, a Lutheran pastor, who has recently come out but still lacks confidence in himself and as a leader. Noah's storyline really stands out to me on this season for the adversary he faces but also because of Karamo's input in this episode. He takes Noah to see two other pastors, one being the first openly gay pastor and Megan, a transgender pastor. Her wisdom she passes to Noah in particular is so emotionally heart-warming and you can see how much it means to Noah. He no longer feels guilt for wishing to come out earlier and realises how influential he is towards other LGBT+ members of his community.

Episode 2 is my favourite by far- I love Rahanna and her adorable pooch grooming business. You can tell she has worked so hard to get to be where she is today with all the odds against her. She's a real boss babe bitch! I love the moment she has with Tan as she has often felt ashamed being 6'3 but sis starts embracing it and it is amazing. To give context to the subtitles, The Fab Five are seeing Rahanna's new look for the first time with overwhelming praise. Tan did the most on this!! That pink jacket on her!

This episode also stands out because of the adorable dog show the Fab Five run but also Karamo teaches Rahanna to find her assertiveness to leave a toxic relationship (her partner has cheated on her before) and Bobby because those makeovers were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (those before and afters were sooo dramatic and life changing) + they gave her a new van as an extra surprise and Rahanna is so genuinely in shock and her family are so happy for her. So much love! The feels on this one.

In Episode 3, we meet Kevin, who is nervous as hell for his daughter's wedding but his daughter wants him to find his confidence and put himself first for the first time in his life (his ex-wife's clothes are in his room but his clothes are in the basement- the ultimate lack of self love). I loved when JVN accompanies him to the dentist and Kevin is comfortable to smile for the first time. He can't stop smiling after that and neither can we.

Episode 4 shows us Tyreek who has such a sad but inspiring back story- it involves abandonment which is always so sad. I also love how the Fab Five don't give them just a fabulous makeover but can really change the hero's life forever- particularly when it comes to finances. We love a beautiful, feel good story.

In Episode 5, we meet Abby who is a stressful young activist who wants to tackle climate change and also feel fabulous. I personally felt she probably needed the makeover the least out of all our heroes but there is nothing wrong with preaching TLC and her friends are so happy she's wearing a blouse and fitted jeans. Who is she!

Episode 6 shows us Ryan (who actually is from New Jersey, S5 is set in Philadelphia but I guess he lived close enough) who is a DJ approaching 40 rather than 20. He learns that ageing can be a beautiful process and that he doesn't need to feel disappointed and ashamed of where his life is at the moment.

In Episode 7, we meet Jennifer who is a devoted mother and feels like that's all she knows. We also learn her husband has ALS, which is a terrible degenerative disease, and the Fab Five really ingrain to her the importance of self-care and living in the moment. I also love how Jennifer and Antoni bond over their Polish heritage and she's so keen to learn Polish cuisine. Pierogi (Polish dumplings) is delicious! Try it.

Episode 8 shows us Marcos who is a fishmonger and works 20 hours a day (according to him anyway). I find him so cute especially when he mentions Benjamin Franklin repeatedly and the dollar bill but also to learn his story of a successful American dream.

In Episode 9 we meet Lilly who is a paediatrician and I love to see Asian American representation in media (it is not enough). I relate to her a lot and see myself through her through working hard and negative body image but I love how her boyfriend is so supportive and defying stereotypes by being a stay home dad and letting Lilly pursue her dreams.

Episode 10 shows us Nate who has his own gym but has neglected himself so much. The Fab Five allow him to find his confidence especially by cutting off his dreads, learning to let go of the past and giving him a fabulous new haircut. I love when the hairdresser puts the locks in a jar filled with sage and obsidian for clarity and strength. It was a really powerful moment! Bobby does his magic by renovating not only his home but his gym that delights everyone.

Queer Eye is such a feel good show. Honestly, if you're having such a bad day or want a bit of TLC (make time for you), pop on Queer Eye on Netflix and you won't regret it. My issue is I don't set time for episodes and just binge it all in one day. No regrets though.

All of the Fab Five have the best interests of our heroes at heart and it is so inspirational and heart-warming to see their physical and mental/emotional transformations. It is always nice to hear when people find their confidence and self-worth and see how amazing they really are and learn to practise this mantra in their daily lives.

I feel loved when I watch the Fab Five teach the heroes about how important it is to love yourself - even little things like your skincare, what you wear and eat do wonders to your self-image and mental health. I hope you feel loved also.

Waiting to hear updates from the S5 heroes!
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Stuck in Quarantine #10 | 1 - 7 June | Australia's Indigenous Community and Justice for Breonna Taylor

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

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I'm really sorry that this edition of my quarantine diary is going to be a little different from usual because I want to just write about current events instead of my personal life. It may come across as a rant and a bit of a mumble jumble but I honestly feel passionate and upon reading some of the info, really wanted to write this. 

The world is still in anger at the systemic racism and horror of police brutality, especially evident in the US. Sydney as well as other parts of Australia had rallies on Saturday and I just want to say how disappointed and angry I am with our own government. The NSW government tried to ban the protest going ahead. In a time, when we all need to band together in this movement, it really seems like a slap in the face and a hindrance for justice and for free speech. I know the reasoning was due to COVID-19 restrictions and health and safety but I'm still so mad. By silencing and threatening (including myself) with arrest and fines for attending, it mutes our voice- giving the police and government the upper hand.

We demand change and justice.

Also the past week has been Reconciliation Week which is a chance to recognise our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. They are the traditional owners of this land and are an integral part of our history and culture. Except what did we do?

1. An Aboriginal teen was kicked and pinned down by a police officer - a gross misuse of power and force 

2. Rio Tinto decided to blast a 46, 000 year old rock shelter that was sacred to Indigenous culture for monetary reasons and business. This is SICK.   

There is absolute no respect there and I actually learnt this from a FriendlyJordies video. Anyone who lives in Australia- I highly recommend you give him a watch. He is clearly very pro-Labor/Greens so his political stance is quite prominent but regardless, he is eloquent, funny and incredibly informative. Check out his video on this issue. 

3. As I previously mentioned, the NSW government successfully made the protest for the Black Lives Matter movement and Indigenous Australians ILLEGAL due to health and safety reasons. This is so sickening especially as there have been over 430 Aboriginal deaths in custody since 1991. 

The Sydney protest was originally more like a vigil than the protests we have seen on social media so it would have been quite respectful and solemn- to be respectful for our Indigenous community. So this order from the government felt like an absolute slap in the face that we continue treat our Indigenous community with little respect- and on fucking RECONCILIATION WEEK. The irony and audacity.

They literally tried to stop them from protesting for systematic change. The decision was eventually overturned so it was legal but the fact that it was even questioned is absolutely appalling.

Another reason I hate this government.


Source: @arielsinhaha

I also want to us to remember that on Friday 5 June, it would have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday. I am so sad and it really hurts me to know her story and death as well as all the other people that we are fighting for- George Floyd, Eric Garner, Ahmaud Arbery among many others.

Breonna Taylor was an essential worker during the coronavirus pandemic and was shot in her bedroom as she was sleeping when the police went to the wrong house to arrest someone (who had already been charged earlier). No charges or arrests have currently been made to the police officers.

She was shot 8 times. 

The fact that she died in her own house, a place where you feel safe and secure, is heart-breaking and so unfair. The whole world is celebrating your birthday Breonna and we will bring justice to you and we won't stop until we do.

You can read this Teen Vogue article where her friends pay tribute to her and she seems like the most caring, selfless soul ever. A true friend and comforter who you could tell anything and would be with you every step of the way. The perfect friend that we all needed. There is a picture circulating around of her (I have linked a tweet from Cardi B). This was Breonna Taylor on her 25th birthday looking so beautiful and hot as hell enjoying her special day. She should have been spending Friday enjoying her 27th birthday with her friends and family. And every other day. 

I would highly encourage you to check this link out on how to help bring Breonna Taylor to justice. It is a little outdated as her birthday is passed but you can still sign the petition, donate to her GoFund Me and email the Kentucky Attorney General to demand justice, send a late birthday card and send artwork. Almost $5 million has been raised for Breonna which is so great to see.

I highly encourage everyone to send an email. It is a template so you simply have to put your name and format the email to your liking and it is soooo easy - it literally takes 1 minute. I realised I have also sent an email for Breonna 2 days ago with a different template from a different people but the more emails the merrier. Keep fighting, keep being proactive.

Continue to say her name. Continue to fight for systemic change. 

Breonna was such a selfless worker in this pandemic and put others over herself on the frontline only to have her life stolen from the police. This made me cry:

“Breonna, she was a great person.

You don’t like to call people perfect, but she really was perfect.

She did everything right as far as trying to be a kid coming into an adult life. She loved to help people, she loved to be around family. She loved life and she was just figuring hers out.

She was just getting started.”

-Tamika Palmer, Breonna’s Mother

This website is also an excellent resource to take action. It is also where I found the quote from her mother.

Continue fighting. I really hope you found this post insightful. I really want to become more proactive in politics and human rights issues and really be aware and engaged with what is happening in our world.

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