Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Travel Diary | Shanghai pt 7

Firstly, can we appreciate how beautiful Sydney looks up in the sky (first picture). Truly stunning! It is always sad to part a city especially when relatives are involved but you know you'll be back in the near future. This was a really new experience for me because it was actually the first time I was travelling alone. Long story short- I work in retail and December is a blackout period because Christmas and all that so I couldn't get any extra time off work and hence why my mum and I went on separate flights. My mum went the week after. Bit sad and weird but the truth. 

Like I mentioned in the first installment, the airport is really, really, really far from the city centre. Really far. It is definitely like an hour and a half car/bus trip. I felt really weird hanging out in the airport alone and I literally only had 100 yuan with me or something like that (like $20 AUD haha) and so I bought a bottle of water and a bottle of coke. Duty-free in Shanghai isn't that great anyway. 

The flight I got on was a midnight flight and I really, really liked this. Firstly, since you don't leave until midnight, you only need to leave at about 8pm (you probably could do 8:30-9 but that's pushing it). We had a lovely huge family dinner to say goodbye to everyone. Whereas, before when our flight was around 8, we had to leave at like 4pm to account for traffic and it was much more hectic. The later flight was much more pleasant and you can squeeze dinner too. You get food on the airplane almost immediately and then you just sleep. I had my laptop, music and everything to pass the time but it wasn't very necessary because I was sound asleep until about 6-7am and by that point, it was time for breakfast and almost time to land. 

Travelling alone sounds scary but isn't nearly as daunting as it sounds. This is the last installment of my travel series and so I hope you enjoyed it!! 

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