Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Travel Diary | Shanghai pt 6 (Xujiahui)

Xujiahui. I went to this place way too many times. Firstly, it is very accessible to where I was staying as it is only a short bus ride away (maybe 10-15 minutes) and short train ride away too. Secondly, it is also another major shopping hub and is literally flooded with shopping centres. I swear there's at least like 6 big shopping centres within walking distance. There is an immense range of food, clothing, electronics, etc. 

If you are a major Simpsons fan like I am, there is an official Simpsons store in Xujiahui. I do not know which shopping centre or any other details but I know it was here and I am sad I didn't take a picture of this. I would like to point that I find Chinese retail very different to here in Australia in that I find that Chinese retailers tend to constantly nag and push to make a sale. They don't all do but I have noticed and it does get me very annoyed and also very scared as well. I got a denim jacket that had the Simpsons family embroidered on it and a Bart Simpson shirt. (I really wanted the jacket that had a donut at the back which said- can't talk eating! Anyone get this reference? but it was too small because Asian sizing). 

Also food! There is so much variety and also there are so many supermarkets. Shanghai has this supermarket called Carrefour and it literally sells everything! It's amazing. I also realised here that some people like to push a sale to you but in return, chuck in a few freebies in to compensate nagging you I guess. I also included a picture of prawn crackers because well, I love food. I feel like despite the fact I went to Xujiahui many times, I feel like I didn't truly experience it. Perhaps because it was very 'local' for me if that makes sense.

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