Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Travel Diary | Shanghai pt 5 (Xintiandi and Tianzifang)

From my previous installment of my Shanghai travel diary, I mentioned Huaihai Road and with the choice of seeing Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road again- we opted for Huaihai Road. One of the shopping centres looked absolutely stunning in a modern way. Sometimes you wonder how they were able to construct buildings like that. There is an embarrassing selfie here but only because the toilets in this shopping centre were luxurious. I've never been to a bathroom where there were flowers everywhere and a huge seat in the middle of the bathroom to sit on and large fancy mirrors. In China, it is incredible hard to find decent toilets. Don't quote me but I think there's actually a thing about people stealing toilet paper from toilet cubicles so many public toilets don't have toilet paper (disgusting I know) and to get a toilet that you can sit on is also not always the case. 

Enough about toilets haha.

After browsing Huaihai Road, we went to Xintiandi which is very close (about one stop away on the metro?). Xintiandi is definitely a European inspired place. It's the most expensive place to live in Shanghai and it is full of many foreign restaurants and bars. This affluent neighbourhood also has much historical significance and despite the modern restaurants, it very much feels as you've stepped into Shanghai in the 1920s. 

Close to Xintiandi is a place called Tianzifang which is famous for its market stalls. It's a perfect place to visit at night like we did because there is such a relaxing, soothing vibe to it. I love this because I love the promotion of small arts and crafts stores as well as keeping true to its historical roots in the French Concession area. It feels very authentic with the electricity cables overhead, air conditioning units overhead, animals walking around and the small alleys (which I love). I would recommend this place with so many diverse small businesses such as arts and crafts, cafes, bars, studios, etc. Conveniently, there is also a huge shopping centre adjacent full of food stores. The metro station to get off at is Dapuqiao. 

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