Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Travel Diary | Shanghai pt 3 (The Bund and Nanjing Rd)

If you're a foreigner to Shanghai, you will probably be recommended to visit the Bund and I would recommend it too because it's really beautiful. Most of the buildings are political or bank-related but they are historical and pretty. You also see the Huangpu River and my favourite, the Oriental Pearl Tower. I would highly recommend that if you have time you actually go inside the tower. They do tours and if you go right to the very top, you get to explore Shanghai high up in the sky and it is quite extraordinary. I would say breath-taking but the sky of Shanghai is incredibly polluted as you can tell from some of my photos. However, the views are still cool because the ground is glass and see-through. I did this back in 2014 and it was incredible. Going to the Bund at night is also quite pretty. 

Of course, Nanjing Road is a place you have to visit (in particular East Nanjing Rd). It is the most popular street in Shanghai and is a great place to shop but incredibly populated and also very long so be prepared for a lot of walking haha. 

I can't exactly remember but I think it was the H&M at Nanjing Road and I was getting out of the fitting room and realised I didn't have my phone on me and it wasn't in my bag nor in the fitting room and I was so scared because I couldn't believe I would actually lose my phone in a foreign country even though I am stupidly clumsy. To my embarrassment, I realised I had put it in a bag my mum was holding and I had to apologise to the shop assistant for being an idiot and making a false alarm haha. 

Please click HERE to check out my photos from my last Shanghai trip in 2014 where I actually went inside the tower. The views are amazing so I do recommend you check the link out! 

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