Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Travel Diary | Shanghai pt 1

I went to Shanghai for 2 weeks near the end of last year around mid November - early December and it was an amazing time since I do not get to travel much especially with work and uni. Normally when you go on a plane, you go via a gate do you? I thought so too. However, this time we had to take a bus and get on the plane via stairs. I honestly thought the only people who did that were famous people and presidents and what not. I'm not going to lie- the walking up was really shaky. 

After approximately 9 hours of sleeping, listening to music and going through about 4 seasons of The Simpsons I had downloaded in advance, we arrived in Shanghai. We always arrive in Shanghai at night- except due to delays prior and after take-off and including a very long bus ride (Pudong is really far away from the city centre), we didn't arrive to almost midnight. However, the comfort of eating grandpa's dumplings made me happy and we got some rest. 

The thing I love about Shanghai is that how food is ridiculously good and cheap. We would go downstairs and check out a few of the shops who sell things such as deep-fried dough sticks (You Tiao), egg pancakes/crepes (Jian Bing), soya-bean milk, pork buns, etc for prices like 2 yuan. That's not even 50 Australian cents. 

Also, when you're walking the streets on there are dogs everywhere. Sometimes, when we go to the food markets, you'll see people with their dogs and it's really cute. My mum doesn't seem to think the same. That's why we'll never get a dog as a pet. 


  1. Deep fried dough sticks sounds like my kind of food! xx

  2. aaah so jealous!!! I love pork buns, they are incredible and I can't believe they're so cheap! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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