Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Kenzo x H&M

Hello everyone! I can not believe it is November already and I also can not believe I haven't even posted 10 times on this blog this past year. Pretty disgraceful if you ask me. I'm currently chilling after finishing two of my final exams and my other two are not for at least another week.

Last Wednesday, I was extremely privileged to attend the Kenzo x H&M VIP launch party in Sydney. (I worked it haha, I wasn't a fancy VIP guest. I wish though) Having admitted I wasn't very avid into fashion designers and collaborations, I always though Kenzo was a little too funky, wild and colourful for my liking. I definitely would have preferred the Balmain collection from last year but having to preview all the pieces before the general public, there were some pieces I thought that were really nice such as the very floral, off the shoulder top and some of the bags and clutches. Even the Kenzo x H&M shopping bags were AMAZING. Just look at the above picture- don't tell me it isn't pretty. It was a fabulous night with such a great atmosphere and all the guests were really lovely. Look how snazzy my work t-shirt looks. 

Did any of you line up for the collection?

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