Wednesday, 6 July 2016

First Thoughts on TheBalm

TheBalm had a 30% off sale recently and having heard amazing reviews about it (and also seeing tons of dupes on eBay and aliexpress), I really wanted to give some of them a go. I went to a David Jones counter in the city and it was practically empty. I ordered a Mary-Lou Manizer from their click & collect service which is awesome. It's basically keeping an item on hold for you via online and you can pop to a store within 30 days and pick it whenever you choose. 

This came to around $20 and it comes in a huge pan and it is such a gorgeous highlighter. It has some yellow/golden tones to it which I think suits me. I've only had this for about a week now but I'm enjoying using this. 

Next up I have a lipstick called Foxxy-Pout. This shade appealed to me because it was a dark nude but it also looked like a metallic lipstick. I am completely digging metallic lipsticks. I have Reign from Kylie Cosmetics and I absolutely adore it. 

I don't like how Foxxy-Pout is sort of gritty and because of the minty smell I thought it was burning me.  Although I don't like the texture of this, I still think this is a pretty colour and it only came to about $13. 

I also have a liquid lipstick from Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Loyal which is a gorgeous deep red. I love how it smells minty and not the usual sweet scent many liquid lipsticks give. It is so opaque and the application is beautiful. I can't really comment on the lasting power because I've only swatched it once. With it only being $20 and such wearable shades in this collection, I give it a 5/5. 

Overall, I am really a huge fan of TheBalm. Their Australian prices are very decent and the quality is great. It does remind me a bit of Benefit because of the packaging but it is at a fraction of the price. 

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