Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Monthly Ramblings 1

I remember I did a segment called random ramblings ages ago and I wanted to sort of revive that series because I love looking back at what I did and I love reading and watching people's recaps of their day/week/month/year. Granted mine won't be that interesting since I've been mostly been at work or doing work revising for my exam which by the way, are now done. Yay!

End of June means tons of end of financial year sales which are amazing. I've bought bags of clothes from H&M, Topshop, etc. The picture is from Kookai which is a store I love and it never goes on sale so the fact things are 50% off is a very big deal. I'm obsessed with choker tops. I don't know if that is what is called but you know what I mean. I bought one in a light beige-brown and one in dark brown. Absolutely love! 

This is the gorgeous Sweet Peach Palette from Too Faced. I needed to get my hands on it. I went in store as soon as my tute finished on the day it was released and the lady said there were only about 10 left and they were meant to get 100 but half off it was broken/fell off the truck. Wtf! 

Gorgeous colours. Is it a must-need? A holy grail? Absolutely not. In fact some of the darker colours have terrible payoff (Talk Derby to Me especially) but the scent is amazing and it really does smell like peaches and there are some gorgeous shades such as Luscious, Carmelized and Bellini. Georgia is a really pretty shade too. I do agree that there are not that many peachy shades but that doesn't mind me. The gradient palette is also lovely and as it is limited edition, I am really happy I got this. I haven't had time to play much with it yet but I am excited to. It retailed for $72 in Australia. 

If you're from Sydney, you know there is Vivid every May-June. It is a light festival and it is something I definitely recommend you check out. I happened to go on the second Friday (?) and the weather was fucking horrible but that didn't discourage people from sightseeing. I didn't take my photos or even decent quality photos that night (mostly videos) but the Darling Harbour light/firework display was amazing. It is really spectacular. We went on a ferry so we could have a good look at the harbour and see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and all that glory. The Botanical Gardens is really gorgeous too with the Cathedral of Light but it wasn't on when I went. Cue massive disappointment. I wasn't surprised though because the weather was absolutely horrible. Event organisers were probably worried.  

Speaking of horrible weather, massive downpours and heavy winds actually cancelled Vivid the next day (lucky us?). I had work the next Sunday. Despite leaving pretty much 1hr 30min before my shift I managed to come a full 45 minutes late. Trains didn't even stop where I was meant to get off because of a fallen tree on that train line so I had to bus part of it there. I saw a bench outside the station which looked like it's about to snap in half. I presume it was because of the weather. I came home that day and the complete entrance was blocked by a tree.

And here is a picture of a caramel doughnut I bought after my exam. So that was some of my May-June for you. I hope you've had a great month so far. 

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  1. First of all, that donut looks amaaaazing! Second, I absolutely love Too Faced's palettes, they never fail me! Great photos.

    Anika |


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