Monday, 1 February 2016

Mecca Beauty Loop Box

Last week, I received an email from Mecca telling me I could collect my beauty loop box. Mecca is one of my favourite shops at the moment, especially since it is so close to my work so I am always stopping by at my lunch break. Whilst Sephora is just around the corner, I do personally prefer the brands that Mecca stocks including Nars, Stila, Too Faced and Urban Decay.  MAC is also right next to it. I also feel everything in Sephora is sold out as well which is a bummer. 

I am so happy about my beauty box. Depending on your beauty level which depends on the amount you spend (to qualify for Level 1 you need to spend $300- let me just sink in too how much I've spent on make-up), you get different products. My friend is level 2 and I am level 1 and I can safely admit my box was so much better than hers because of one thing and one thing only.

The NARS lip pencil!

I already have the shades Bettina and Bahama and I really do love them. I love how they apply and the texture and colour and both are great nude shades. The sample they have given me is Dolce Vita which although is nice, is a shade I probably would not have paid full price for. I am not complaining though. It is really nice and what a sample. 

I also got some other samples which I have given most to my mum because I do not really use argan oil nor eye cream. Overall, I love this and you get four beauty boxes in the year so I just can not wait for more. Another good thing is that you do not have to purchase something to get your beauty loop box so don't feel pressured to buy something. 
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  1. What amazing products! Dolce Vita looks so beautiful x


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