Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Off- White Turtleneck

Top: Uniqlo
Headband: Lovisa 
Pants: H&M 
Shoes: handed from my mum 
Backpack: handed from my mum 

I mentioned that a new Uniqlo opened in Miranda (yassssss). I bought a turtleneck in off white for $15 which I thought was a bargain. I think it has that Heattech from Japan so you know it's going to keep you warm. I paired it with basic jeans, black boots and with my small backpack to uni. I'm coming for only one class today because lectures are off. Don't know whether that's a good thing or not. 

I decided to add a headband to the outfit with this one being one of my favourites as its gold. I tried going for a 60s look with a headband and ponytail. I've always wanted to try back combing because I'm a massive fan of big hair. Think Cheryl Cole or whatever her name is now haha. I'm scared of damaging my hair and I'm clueless with this thing but I'll definitely like to try it some day. In the end, I just opted to leave my hair out. 

Also, how lovely are my nails. They are in the shade New Wave by Topshop. I only painted one coat and they are so smooth and nice to look at. Although they give a summer vibe, I still think they would compliment a winter outfit. Do you? 

I am wishing it was summer here. I wish the holidays would come already. I'm been obsessed with the shoegazing genre recently with my new love of the band, Lush, as well as Ride, My Bloody Valentine, etc. My cousin introduced this to me and it was a whole new world from my normal indie pop pre-2012 Arctic Monkeys. It really is a truly amazing genre and I am obsessed with Miki Berenyi. 

Currently Listening To: Some Minds // Flume, Andrew Wyatt, Glory Box // Portishead, De-Luxe // Lush, Hypocrite // Lush


  1. The backpack you've got on is gorgeous! Really like your blog so I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award, head on over here for the details:

  2. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. It is so simplistic yet so put together:) Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Love your outfit - so simple but stylish :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. I love this casual, simple look with bits of flair. Your head band is adorable. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. LOVE turtlenecks and love the price that you got it at

  6. love your jeans and the uniqlo top! xx


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