Thursday, 18 June 2015

Gig | Peace at Oxford Art Factory 8/05/15

I'm currently writing this at 12:05am on a Saturday on a train and it feels like I'm having a hangover. A hangover from happiness you mean. From seeing Peace! At Oxford Art Factory. Words can't describe how amazing they were. I was almost at the front and Harrison Koisser. Just marry me. Please bear with the horrible photography as well. An excited Clarissa is one who doesn't know how to work the camera well. 

But let's start with how Friday began. With a box of bland, cold salted UNSW chips. 0/10 recommend 

Keen to see Alt-J although I probably shouldn't and maybe I should try sell my ticket. As you can tell by my posts, I did end up going and yes it was amazing. You only had one job camera and you bloody ruined it. That blur. 

One day I will go inside you and buy some things. 

Thought I looked good. You can notice that the blurring of the photo represents the rapid speed that time takes and how whenever we are on a train, time seems to conceptually blur. I made no sense. Nor does this picture. 

Did I mention how amazing Peace were? They were incredible. I was bopping along to every song. They began with Money which is just so ever catchy and with hits like Follow Baby, Gen Strange, Lost on Me, California Daze and Bloodshake. It's just impossible for Peace to not make you a happy person and yes do listen to those songs and their album because you will not regret it. Also the venue is really small and intimate so you really can get up close. 

If you had a more fab night than me, please enlighten me but I don't think it tops mine. 

Currently Listening: Evie // Last Dinosaurs, Obedear // Purity Ring and PEACE

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