Friday, 12 June 2015

Flashback Friday | Glebe Markets

I am just looking at my drafts in Blogspot and noticed this little gem. It brings back memories and I know this happened last year but sadly, it is my most recent trip to Glebe and one of the last meet-ups I had with my good friend, Susie who left me for some deers in Armidale. Yuck! I'm kidding. I love you. I hope you're enjoying medicine and I can not wait until you come back to Sydney. 

If you're bored and in Sydney on a Saturday, I highly recommend checking the Glebe markets. It's highly affordable and you may  will pick up a great find. The atmosphere is beautiful, accompanied with live acoustic music and sizzling with good food and people walking about trying to find good deals. I was getting things from Topshop at $5 haha. 

It's not the most appealing but good meat and chips and a can of soda while sitting on the grass is good for me. I remember we sat and discussed about life and stuff. Good times haha.

I need to go back to Glebe in my break hopefully to buy but also sell my clothes. I always envied those girls who would go every single weekend to the markets. I am conflicted between that or getting some well-needed sleep. I usually pick the latter. 

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  1. I've always wanted to go to glebe markets! they look so funky x

    1. They are funky! I'm sure markets in Queensland are just as cool x

  2. So lucky that you have markets! There aren't too many where I live but whenever there is one I'm completely over the moon. Love your photos!

    Justine | teenfolk

    1. Thank you Justine. I love the market vibe and getting a good bargain x

  3. That place looks stunning! great pics!

    Sharing Good Vibes From Paris! ~e-shop soon~

  4. Glebe markets are the best!
    I love all the cool stuff they have on display :- )


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