Friday, 29 May 2015

Vivid Sydney

I may or may not apologise for the photo overload but bear with me. Annually, Sydney hosts the Vivid festival which is essentially light displays around attractions in Circular Quay such as the MCA and Opera House, The Rocks and Darling Harbour.

I went on a chilly Monday with my good friend, Leanne. I can not believe I have known her since primary school. Our parents are good friends. Time flies. We are almost half way through the year, nearing the end of our first semester. Holy smokes. 

It was so dark by 6pm, I barely even knew where we were on the train. The crowds were not as big and the light displays were dazzling. Although by having visiting it every year as well as having the attitude of a grumpy old pensioner, I am not entirely moved by the show. It's interesting and it's pretty and it's a nice stroll across the harbour I must admit but it's nothing outstanding. Although, a person took our photo and we could print the photo from their printer for free as many times as we want. I thought that was great. There was a tunnel up at The Rocks with displays of animal patterns with people lying down, assuming to take photos or having a coincidental nap on the ashpalt. Thank god for closure of roads. 

Then we proceeded to Darling Harbour which was quite pretty but I was unsure if it was worth the walk. However, I seem to be unmotivated to walk anywhere that is further than 5 minutes away from something. It was a lovely night though. I haven't been to the city and stroll around in ages. It's quite nice at night. However, that's because I had my amazingly warm coat with me. 

Vivid starts on the 22nd May to 8th June. 

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  1. I always want to go to vivid but I live in brissie! so many cool artists perform too... I saw sufjan stevens did a gig there and was very jealous ha x

    1. Oh yes. I was actually going to see the concert at the opera house this weekend and Flume (bae) was playing but I had to pass as it was way too expensive. Flight Facilities and The Preatures also performed. You should come to vivid some day, it's pretty cool x

  2. I've always wanted to go to Vivid but it's too far away! Nice post x

  3. Woowww!!! that looks so beautiful and the photography is awesome. I need to visit Sydney soon.


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