Monday, 6 April 2015

Travel Diary | Kangaroo Valley

For Easter, we made a trip to Kangaroo Valley which is in the Southern Highlands a little inland from Kiama. It was meant to be a trip a little under two hours from Sydney but we ended up taking about three because we went the wrong way twice and had a stop over at KFC because we could. 

The main attraction of the little town is the bridge. It's the oldest surviving suspension bridge from the colonial period in New South Wales and the only timber suspension bridge still carrying traffic still in operation in Australia which is pretty damn good for a bridge that was built in 1898. It's quite beautiful and so is the view when you walk down by the river. My brother tried throwing sticks at a bird. Luckily all his attempts missed. And no we did not see any kangaroos unfortunately haha. 

Then we went down the main road of the town and we found this shop that sold wooden items. I found this wooden house quite adorable with all the carved furniture, humans and even a dog. 

I really liked the design this cafe did. Unfortunately it was closed since its Easter but I'm sure the inside and the food is lovely.  

Look at all this ice-cream. Even when it was raining for the majority of the day and we filled our bellies with Mum's sushi, I still had to force myself not to get one. 

So that was how I spent Monday. I'm sure you all had a fantastic Easter. 

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  1. Looks like a such a great place to visit !

    1. It was! Minus a little bit of the rain and the pestering flies during lunch haha x

  2. This place looks fun! I love the beautiful scenery and kangaroos are just so *.*

    You have a lovely blog by the way!


  3. Thank you so much xx You have a lovely blog too!

  4. The photo of the bridge is so pretty, and all that ice cream looks amazing! Sounds like you had a great trip :))

    Justine x

    1. I did, thank you so much x Your blog is beautiful.

  5. Such a pretty part of the world, and plenty to see and do too! Lovely post!

  6. Aww lovely photos and the ice cream makes me drool! Anyway, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and let me know in the comment so that i can follow you back instantly :)


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