Saturday, 18 April 2015

So Foolishly Attracted to You

Kimono: Topshop
Jeans: H&M 
Top: Topshop 
Shoes: Topshop

How gorgeous is this kimono? It looks really fabulous. I love the material and the pattern and it just makes a casual, plain outfit have that extra wow factor. I'm wearing my plain white scallop top, a pair of good blue jeans and  my good to go sandals from Topshop. 

In the meantime, I'm just sitting in the corner at work. I love teaching little school children. Being an assistant teacher just usually means me at the back marking homework witnessing the class or walking around and chatting with the children. It's really enjoyable. I feel like they are all my little babies with their own little traits and quirks.

I'm currently learning statistics whilst getting neck spasms and wishing for uni to end. I just want to be on break again. My body can not take it. 

Listening To: 'Cause I'm a Man // Tame Impala, Painted // MS MR, Foolish // Alpine


  1. I love the kimono it really makes this simple outfit stand out!
    chantelle | chanbelle

  2. Awesome outfit, I love the kimono and the shoes :)

  3. That kimono is gorgeous !

  4. Loving the kimono, the pattern on it is so cool :) Also loving the effect on your photo's - looks so cool!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  5. Super trendy!
    I love the way you styled those platform shoes! It's a colorful combination with that flow kimono.
    I have the same exact pair too keke.

  6. Looks stunning!
    loving the kimono.


  7. love your style, the kimono is so cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

  8. Love this entire outfit!


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