Saturday, 4 April 2015

Random Ramblings: #1

Happy Easter everyone! Just enjoying my book that I've been wanting forever- from my style icon Alexa Chung. I got for $15 secondhand which I thought was a steal since it's practically brand new and I read it all in one sitting. I love how she shares her own inspirations, style giving us advice and I love the photographs and doodles she's added too. I've got to admit I finished the book way too quickly but I can always pick it up and re-read or add it in the background of some of my blog posts. Yes, I'm reading some of your blogs. 

In other news, how good was my trifle. Mum bought home four as they were all discounted and they were très bonne

Moving on to my Lush haul. Having gotten carried away and being shown how golden egg bath bombs dazzle in water and watching the employees having a competition on who could foam Ultraviolet the fastest and then getting pampered to some face masks, I lost track of time and couldn't be bothered attending my accounting lecture. What's worse was I had a very convenient three hour break. Not. I occupied myself by having lunch with friends. I have attached evidence with a photograph of our chicken kebab and chips covered in glorious gravy. I spent the next two hours falling asleep with god knows who around me. 

Yesterday, I also watched the new movie, The Duff. Despite being a tad predictable, it was still a fun movie giving off a Mean Girls/ Easy A vibe. I am a sucker for awkward teenage tomboys as lead females and I did enjoy it. I wish I had a hot neighbour like Wes whom I can fall in love with. The reality is I live next to a man who lives in solitude who used to listen to only jazz. He's stopped playing music entirely. I kind of miss it and I also hope he hasn't discovered the Internet . 

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  1. I loved Alexa Chung's It, It's one of those books that I could read over and over again! x


    1. If I could, I would literally read her book again. It is fab, just like her x


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