Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Raveonettes @ Mao Livehouse (Shanghai)

Go to a gig - check
Go to a gig in a foreign country - check 

My cousin invited me to see a gig. It was The Raveonettes, a Danish band I vaguely knew but didn't really know much of their music but I couldn't pass the opportunity. And I'm glad I didn't. I love going to gigs and also it was cool to experience the youth nightlife in Shanghai. The venue was undergoing renovation at the time so it looked a bit weird from the front. The venue reminds me a lot of The Metro in Sydney and not because of the renovation. 

The concert was awesome. There was a lot less dancing that what I'm normally accustomed to - I don't know whether that's the music or the people and the guy in front kept filming with his camera way above his head which made me a bit angry especially since I'm short. Short girl problems are still very real to me, sigh. At least it's better than getting spit all over your hair which happened the last time haha. 

I also managed to find the person with the setlist. I totally could have taken it away from her but I didn't because I'm too nice. Some of my favourite songs include Young + Cold and Killer in the Streets. How's your January been so far? 

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