Monday, 5 January 2015

Shanghai Photo Diary: Part 1

I think one of the most famous aspects of Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl Tower and every time I come back to Shanghai, I just have to see it as well as The Bund because I find it so beautiful. 

So on the second week after a day or two of rain on my holiday, my dad said we were going inside the tower because the weather cleared up and because I love this tower so much. If you're going to Shanghai, I recommend you to have a look inside so you can see the view of Shanghai. Even some of my relatives haven't been there and have lived their whole lives here. But yet again I still haven't climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge haha. Oops. 

You can see the view of Shanghai and appreciate the magnificent architecture and just the massiveness of it all while you're up approximately 260m up. The floor in the tower is transparent glass so you can see directly below which made my dad extremely paranoid because he's scared of heights which was kind of hilarious but I loved being able to look down Shanghai made me delighted. Also I have never seen so many selfie sticks in my life. Selfie sticks are basically extendable rods to put your phone to take selfies from longer than arm distances. I thought it was a Chinese fad but then when I came back, there were people here in Australia and probably all over the world with selfie sticks.

This is my first post of 2015 and I hope you've been all settling in the new year nicely. Hope the pictures were nice and inspire you in some way haha.
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  1. This is so cool! Reminds me of the CN Tower in Toronto Canada, I love towers that you can see the whole city from! Hope you had a fantabulous time in Shanghai!

    Mikayla :)

    1. I would love to go to Toronto, Canada one day. I had a fantabulous time indeed, thanks x

  2. The glass floor looks amazing, I definitely hope I can visit Shanghai :-) btw, I love the 1975. Hope you had/are having a lovely trip!

    1. I love the 1975 too haha, you can see all the music I'm currently listening to. I had a lovely trip, thank you Justine x


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