Monday, 22 December 2014

Lush Christmas Edition Haul + Update

It's only a few more sleeps until Christmas and I hope you're all excited like I am. I've just finished decorating the Christmas tree and now I'm going to watch heaps of Christmas films and listen to all my favourite Christmas carols and songs. I haven't bought all my presents just yet and looking at the calendar, I will need to- fast. 

Moving on, I picked up these Lush goodies a while ago before I went on holiday.

The first is the Holly Golightly bar. It's glittery, it's Christmasy and it's referencing Breakfast at Tiffanys which if you have not watched, a fabulous film. And yes don't laugh, I know the bar is meant to be green... like a holly. I didn't take the packaged paper wrapping out when I returned home after buying it from the store (whoops) hence I didn't store it properly and I've been gone for a month on holiday and now it's turned yellow. Hmmmm....

The second one I bought is the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar. A penguin bubble bar? I'm already sold. I love penguins. I find him adorable and I can't wait to use him.  

I've just recently come back from a holiday in Shanghai which was heaps of fun and I have many ideas of posts in my head which hopefully can translate onto my blog. I also recently just received my results which if you live in New South Wales in Australia, you'll know it's called the HSC. On Wednesday, we received our results which I thought was a little disappointing- especially my physics result as I believed I worked hard all year and it did not pay off. But I got a Band 6 (think A* for your A levels in the UK) in Advanced English which I didn't in my wildest dreams (as I suck in English) think it was possible. Still making my final decisions on what course I will do in university next year.

Currently Listening To: All I Want for Christmas is You // Mariah Carey, Last Christmas // Wham!

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