Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy First Blog Anniversary and the New Year

Last year on the 29th of December, I wrote my first blog post and now fast forward to today and it's been a year and practically the end of 2014. What a year this has been! Happy birthday to my blog! 

I've never regretted blogging for a second, sure I've been a bit sloppy with when I make new posts but then I've always been. Hmmm... haha but seriously, this year I feel blogging has been such a interesting and enjoyable way to relax from studying and stress whilst sharing to you all content that I love and enjoy putting up. I seriously didn't think anyone would read my blog. I remember getting maybe ten page views in a day and that just blew my mind but apparently you guys do view my blog and that's awesome. Reading and replying to comments makes my day as well as reading your blogs and I hope to grow and communicate with my readers more in the future. 

I also have to say blogging has made me more of a confident person, which I'm really proud of as I can find myself quite shy and I'm able to develop and grow more into a wholesome and authentic being. 

So lets raise a glass to the new year. I'm not making many new year resolutions as I always fail but instead this time, i will be making goals. So what are your goals for 2015? I'm definitely going to continue this thing for sure. 


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  1. Happy blog birthday, and happy new year!! Double the celebration :-)

    Emily //

  2. Happy blog birthday and Happy New Year! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Wowza, you have such a beautiful blog! I am returning to read some of your blog posts this year! XOXO

  3. Happy first year of blogging :D :D & Happy New Year!

  4. Love your blog so much! Happy New Year Lovely! xx

  5. Happy New Year! and blog birthday!

    Made in Mauve

  6. happy blog birthday and i hope you have a lovely year!

    from helen at


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