Saturday, 1 November 2014

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I haven't posted a blogpost in three weeks as I was preoccupied with final exams but now they are over and I have four months of pure bliss. Some exams went better than others but what's done is done and now I have to wait until the 17th of December to see the dreaded results ugh. One of my friends baked cupcakes for the end of the physics exam (my last exam on Friday) which I'm so grateful and it was so delicious. It tasted like freedom haha. I'm pretty sure I'm not pointing my rude finger in the image in case anyone was curious.

My formal is soon which I am so wondrously prepared for. In other words, not at all. I did go shopping today with friends but none of the dresses really pleased me also I did not have $200 on hand with me. I guess I'll have to tag my mum sometime this week to get it sorted- I'm sure she will love it. Not. I'm not going to Schoolies unfortunately because I am going off on holiday with my family for a month which I'm excited for so I'm not that sad. I'm going to Shanghai, China and it should be fantastic. It will also be a lot colder compared to the stinky, humid weather here in Sydney. 

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Glassons
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: handed by my mum

Let's pretend this is a proper outfit of the day post. I'm sorry for the quality and my phone case is awful. It's all chipped off and rather hideous but I bought a new phone case today which I will show later. I didn't purchase the hat it was way too expensive but damn it is perfect for summer. I've been wearing this pair of Topshop boots everywhere lately but they look so much better at a side angle. Now I'm off to watch American Horror Story. And to do some exercise. I have ballooned from all that comfort eating when studying for exams. 

Did y'all have a good Halloween? 

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  1. I loveeeeeeeee those boots!!! How much were they? x

    1. Thank you :) I think they were roughly $70 AUD when I purchased them but Topshop here is a more pricey. I don't think they are in stock on the Topshop website but they originally retailed for £38.00. Hope that helped x

  2. Cute outfit! It's too bad the hat was too expensive. Looks really nice!


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