Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Royal Experience with Lush

I have not had a bath in literally a year. Don't worry guys, I do shower haha. I bought Lush's Rose Queen which I have shown before in a haul and I was really excited to use it because I have never used their bath products before and I really needed to de-stress so this was the perfect product. 

Before using it, I was aware that their lush bath bombs are fairly big but in saying that, are very pricey so I definitely recommend cutting them to at least halves. Quarters may be a bit small depending on the size of the bomb but halves is doable and the experience you get doesn't differ so much.

And then it was time. Gosh I was so excited.... Until my cold water tap wouldn't budge. I just wouldn't budge. Just shows how much we use the bath. (Never). 

You can't see very well in the pictures but the water turned pink- a beautiful rose pink with petals!! And the bath bomb was fizzing away, the excitement was increasing. 

Even my rubber ducky enjoyed the bath. He hasn't been in one for a while too so he must have been pretty excited. Soaking yourself in the bath water, with the beautiful aroma and petals floating around is gorgeous. Obviously not the most exciting bath bomb but definitely a good one to feel relaxed and calm. 

I read reviews saying that the bath was too hard to clean up because of the petals and all but I firmly disagree with that. Letting go off the bath plug was sad (I even took a photo which was slightly weird) but most of the petals went away and it was definitely not hard to clear up at all. Much better than I would say with Lush's glitter bath bombs. So if you're hesitant on buying this particular type of bath bomb for this reason, don't. 

I'm really excited to use my second half of the bath bomb and to try new ones as well. Have you tried Lush's bath bombs and which ones do you recommend? I'll love to know what you guys think (so I can buy more) :)

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  1. Who wouldn't LOVE lush products! <3

  2. I know their bath bombs are pricey for just one use but they are sooo good!

  3. i love lush bath bombs!

    from helen at

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  4. Nice blog ;)

  5. your blog is like tumblr! Love it!

  6. such a great post !
    Really love it <3

  7. I never bath either :D I feel like you're bathing in your own dirt... But I've always been very attracted to these bath bombs, they look so nice ^-^

    Berry The Blue

  8. I don't usually like bath bombs, I feel like I'm getting my hair all soapy when I wash my hair and I feel like I'm bathing in some weird kind of chemical water if it's like, blue or bright pink or something, but this one actually just looks nice and relaxing!

  9. I love lush stuff, but I'm also not a big fan of baths, I never know what to do & I get bored so easily haha! :) xx


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