Wednesday, 28 May 2014

● Weekly Ramblings #1 ●

Hello lovelies ♥

I had a coffee this morning before school which got me inspired to do this sort of post. Just rambling on what's on my mind at the moment. Also I rarely have coffee. It was right before assembly. Assembly was reeeeaally long. The school animal welfare group presented today and basically told us to go vegetarian (which I was not happy) and then the school orchestra played a Frozen medley for us. It seems like only a few weeks ago when everyone was singing Let It Go.

Exams are this week (yikes-tomorrow actually) and I have been nervous, stressed yet hopeful. I've had some disappointing results, I know, but I'm just going to go in there give it my best shot and hope for the best. What's the point of dwelling on the past? That's no point, you can't change that. Learn what went wrong, pick yourself up and move on. :) 

The exams I'm most worried about... Well everything really. But English, Chemistry and Physics are the ones I'm most concerned about. Fingers crossed that all goes well. 

So that's occupied most of my time. I had a bad day yesterday because I couldn't find my transport passes in the morning. And I didn't want to pay for a new one ($40 for a train and bus pass) and losing anything is never good but I found it inside my Chemistry book last night so all was good. Don't ask why haha 

On the plus, I found a journal I haven't used. It is from Typo, which is a gorgeous stationary store, and I'm pretty sure I bought 3 for $5 like two years ago. I buy a billion pretty notebooks to use as journals and never get around to using them. But I'm going to do it! Hurrah! It's basically just a creative outlet and hopefully it will help me with blogging as well- it's really difficult coming up with new content if you don't buy anything new or if you've been thinking about exams about 80% of the time. 

I know heaps of people are taking exams at the moment so best of luck to you all but they all have holidays, I still have school and then a whole term because that's Australia haha. 

How is your week going?

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  1. Good luck with your exams, especially chemistry, english, and physics, I'm sure you'll do great! :) I have mine next week and it has been hard for me to think about other things like new blog posts as well! I love finding old notebooks I've lost...but usually they're half-filled because I never seem to completely finish them...I'm trying to not do that as much!

    1. Thank you very much and best of luck to you too :) I have never finished a notebook before haha. Sometimes when I don't like the page, I rip it out so that's why some of my notebooks are practically empty yet so thin haha

  2. jesus you do such hard subjects! good luck with all your exams, I have a huge lot coming up too!

    1. I do, which sucks. :( Best of luck to you too! I have my English exam tonight, I'm just hoping I do alright.

  3. good luck with your exams, I'm sure they will go well but remember they aren't the end of the world also <3

  4. Good luck with your exams. Hope it goes well. =)


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  5. I liked this type of post - it was different to the usual beauty and fashion and I really enjoyed it!!

    You have probably finished your exams but good luck if you havent - I had mine for the past two months and they were horrible (way worse than I expected :()

    - Jess xx


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