Saturday, 17 May 2014

I'm Feeling For Food

I'm always craving food. I see so many people's instagrams and blogs with delicious, sophiscated restaurant food and I think, why can't I take pictures of pretty food like that haha. 

My school had a festival sort of thing on Friday. Except all proceeds go to charity :) There was a talent quest (I've got to say I enjoy the dances much more than the singers and then we had our entertainment. Dancing to HSM and One Direction was fun except I barely had enough space to dance haha), games, food, drinks, buskers, beauty, a haunted house and a jumping castle :D That jumping castle costed $1 (50p) and it was sooooo fun! And also really tiring, gave me a huge workout, jumping up and down and falling down haha. It was awesome. I feel sorry for the guy who had to sit there the whole day. 

And there were also girls who were shaving their heads for The World's Greatest Shave which is such a courageous, amazing thing to do. I'm proud of them all! Well done lovelies :) 

I had fairy floss first except I had to pay an extra dollar because the girls made it too big. Felt slightly ripped off but fairy floss is soooo pretty. 

And then I had a milkshake. My friend walked past me and said it was so hipster haha. What do you think? 

It was cookies and cream which is my favourite for everything!! I didn't take any more photos which I should have but I just walked around the stalls. In the beauty section, there were girls selling fishtail bracelets, henna tattoos (I should have got one haha). There was a hair salon and raffles. I bought like 5 tickets because one of the prizes had LUSH prouducts but I didn't win :( much sadness 

There were pillow fights, balloon popping, lucky dips (why do they always involve sticking your hand in water no thanks haha) and a Polaroid picture taking place too except that was way too expensive for me and I was so out of breath from the jumping castle. 

And when we were bored, we sat down and got entertained by the buskers. Whenever 'Talk Dirty' gets played, I'm just like damn. That song is ridiculously catchy especially the sax part.  

Today, I went to the library to borrow some books for English Extension. I bombed out in my last assessment so I really need to nail this assignment. 

Anyway, I went and sat down because I was tired and found the food magazines 

How delicious? Also the magazine is called delicious too haha :) 

But I actually did get this after the library 

Can you believe how much this was from the local fish and chips shop? $2.40 (£1.50) for a small. This is a small. Will definitely check this out again. And then I took an outfit post when I arrived home which will be coming shortly. 

Having a good weekend? 

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  1. It sounds you had an amazing day with great food ! The bouncing castle must have been fun :D

    1. It was a fantastic day :) Any day with good food is a good day haha. The bouncing castle was soooo fun, I felt like a little kid again

  2. everything looks great :)

  3. I love this post your school sounds so good! And the food oh my god ;)

    1. I'm sure your school is better ;) yes, good food makes me happy!

  4. Yummy :))

  5. Omg this food looks so yummy! xx

  6. I'm hungry now hahaha

  7. I absolutely love candy floss and now I'm hungry!

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