Monday, 10 March 2014

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This is not a normal blog post of mine but my exams are this week so I'm talking about stress. Hopefully, you learn something from this and help you in some way. 

Now to be clear, stress is naturalStress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it's an omnipresent part of our daily life. 

People say that stress is bad. But in small doses, stress is quite good. It helps you stay focused, energetic and alert. These are good qualities right? It is only when stress becomes overwhelming that it can be detrimental to your health, mood, productivity, relationships and ultimately the quality of your life. 

Now I don't seem a stressed person in fact the stress only comes to me the night before an exam. Then it hits me and it's not until I reach the examination hall and sit in my designated chair that I stress. I start to breath quicker, my heart beats faster, I get sweaty and fidgety and more embarrassingly, I feel a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. But these symptoms are perfectly normal, it's just our body reacting to stress. Other symptoms include:
  • thoughts racing 
  • changes to vision
  • dry mouth
  • cold hands
  • tense muscles
  • dizzy/lighthearted
  • quicker and shallow breathing
  • adrenal glands release adrenaline
  • bladder urgency
  • sweaty palms
However, they may feel uncomfortable and you don't want them to be physically affecting you in an exam for example or our daily routine. Stress also affects our mental behaviour-avoidance and and bad work and study habits. Haven't you panicked and just tried to cram all your notes in your brain? It doesn't work. May for some but definitely not ideal anyway. Stress can result in unrealistic expectations of yourself and your abilities and constant negative self talk. 

My point is that stress will always be our lives but we must manage stress effectively so it doesn't hinder our capability to function in our daily lives-then it's a worry. 

For me, I always take 5 minutes of my day doing nothing which seems like a waste of time but it reduces my stress levels. I like to go outside, usually alone, just immerse myself in nature for a while. There's a park next to my house so that's really convenient. I shower when I get stressed and it feels good too because I'm not procrastinating. In exams, I don't read for all the reading time prior to the exam, I take 1-2 minutes just to control on my breathing. It's so important that we consider the importance of managing stress. You could also talk more positive thoughts but for me, that can only go so far and in my personal experience does not help. It's how you choose to manage it. Everyone has their own different way. 

If you liked these posts, comment below. :) I'll love to know what you think. I'm not very stressed so I'm not really one to talk but I love to help and inform people so if you have any concerns about your stress don't be shy to let it out :) We're all here to help! YAY!

And to reduce your stress levels, here's a picture I saw on Tumblr. Awwww! 

clarissa xx


  1. I love this post! It is really great to read posts like this because I had severe stress and anxiety and I didn't know I had it because I didn't know what they were! Even though you learn a lot about it, it can still affect you and be hard to manage. What you listed up there is great! I love how you're here if anyone who needs help! And I am too :) xx

    1. I know what you mean :) People think we're letting stress control us but we're not, we just want to be normal. Hope you've had a great, non-stressful day haha xx

  2. Love this post, it's nice to know somebody else feels like me! Good luck on your exams, I'm sure you will do great! xx

    1. Thank you so much!! I love your blog and I hope everything is okay with you too xx

  3. That dog photo is adorable. Best of luck in the exams
    xx, Michelle

  4. I always only start getting streesed the day of the exam. For some reason it just never hits me before then :/ But my school is non-semestered which means all the exams are at the end of the year. Yuck :P
    But anyway, I hope you did well on your exams :)

    P.S. The doggy!!!

  5. So inspiring! This post is so similar to what I use to write in my free time, I love to write things like this on word and I save them on my computer :) the difference is that you are such a great writer, while I suck at writing, but still, I write because writing helps me get in a better mood and I use to inspire and motivate myself like that, and this post really inspired me also! Keep it up, I'd like to read more posts like this from you :) xx
    This is my blog:


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