Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Urban Outfitters Haul + Review

How are you all everyone? I hope you're all having a good week :)

So a few weeks ago I ordered something from Urban Outfitters because they were having 50% off all sale items. I couldn't resist. 

 I got my parcel a few days ago and I'm really happy overall. I was impressed with the package itself. Usually the package for anything I order is a dull grey but check this out 
How cool is the package? How random :)

Anyway moving on from that, I bought four things. The first I bought was this pretty awesome cardigan. 

This cardigan has such a funky, snazzy pattern and it has a baggy, soft feel to it. I love it.  It's also quite heavy and it probably weighed half of my entire parcel. 

The next thing is something I'm slightly disappointed in but I knew what I was getting. For the original price, it's totally not worth it but because I got the sale, I'm alright with it 

It's a velvet crop top and man is it beautiful.  I bought a large mainly because it was the only size but I expected it to be a tad bit longer. But if I wear just wear high waisted skirts and shorts, I think it's not too bad. 

I also bought a pair of crotchet lace shorts which I think are really cute and really versatile. Probably will try it with the tank so these shorts are so high waisted. :)

The last thing I bought was fancy printed pants. I really like it. It's quite nice and flattering which is a bonus. I'm having a little difficulty uploading which is a shame but if I ever remember then I'll add the pic or if you comment then I might remember.

Overall, I'm really happy with the purchase. I feel urban outfitters are pretty much true to the actual product. They also have live chat assistance which is always really helpful in my experience. Also many products have been reviewed and people even send their photo with the product which I think is really cool and so you have an idea how it looks in real life. So I do recommend urban outfitters for all you girls and guys out there. and FREE SHIPPING over $50. (which isn't too hard to do :P) The set back is it can be a little pricey so I am always at the sale section. And if you're Australian, be careful of the sizing because it's US sizing. Don't buy an 8 because you're an 8 because that's a 12 over there xD 

clarissa xx

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