Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January Wishlist: Black Chic

If only we had infinite credit cards... 

Being a student and being a huge impulse buying offender, I've been trying to save up. And that means shopping online and realising that no, you can't buy anything.. is disappointing. I complied a collage on some things I'm keen on. I realised half way that most of my items were black so I though I'll just go along with it and present to you... Black Chic!! 

1. Pop Boutique Swing Dress with Lace Collar and Cuff- ASOS £15.96
2. Lux Fluffy Tee- Topshop £15.00
3. Black Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater- Sheinside £14.52
4. Black Wedge Sandals- River Island £45.00

Clarissa xx

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