Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy First Blog Anniversary and the New Year

Last year on the 29th of December, I wrote my first blog post and now fast forward to today and it's been a year and practically the end of 2014. What a year this has been! Happy birthday to my blog! 

I've never regretted blogging for a second, sure I've been a bit sloppy with when I make new posts but then I've always been. Hmmm... haha but seriously, this year I feel blogging has been such a interesting and enjoyable way to relax from studying and stress whilst sharing to you all content that I love and enjoy putting up. I seriously didn't think anyone would read my blog. I remember getting maybe ten page views in a day and that just blew my mind but apparently you guys do view my blog and that's awesome. Reading and replying to comments makes my day as well as reading your blogs and I hope to grow and communicate with my readers more in the future. 

I also have to say blogging has made me more of a confident person, which I'm really proud of as I can find myself quite shy and I'm able to develop and grow more into a wholesome and authentic being. 

So lets raise a glass to the new year. I'm not making many new year resolutions as I always fail but instead this time, i will be making goals. So what are your goals for 2015? I'm definitely going to continue this thing for sure. 


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Monday, 22 December 2014

Lush Christmas Edition Haul + Update

It's only a few more sleeps until Christmas and I hope you're all excited like I am. I've just finished decorating the Christmas tree and now I'm going to watch heaps of Christmas films and listen to all my favourite Christmas carols and songs. I haven't bought all my presents just yet and looking at the calendar, I will need to- fast. 

Moving on, I picked up these Lush goodies a while ago before I went on holiday.

The first is the Holly Golightly bar. It's glittery, it's Christmasy and it's referencing Breakfast at Tiffanys which if you have not watched, a fabulous film. And yes don't laugh, I know the bar is meant to be green... like a holly. I didn't take the packaged paper wrapping out when I returned home after buying it from the store (whoops) hence I didn't store it properly and I've been gone for a month on holiday and now it's turned yellow. Hmmmm....

The second one I bought is the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar. A penguin bubble bar? I'm already sold. I love penguins. I find him adorable and I can't wait to use him.  

I've just recently come back from a holiday in Shanghai which was heaps of fun and I have many ideas of posts in my head which hopefully can translate onto my blog. I also recently just received my results which if you live in New South Wales in Australia, you'll know it's called the HSC. On Wednesday, we received our results which I thought was a little disappointing- especially my physics result as I believed I worked hard all year and it did not pay off. But I got a Band 6 (think A* for your A levels in the UK) in Advanced English which I didn't in my wildest dreams (as I suck in English) think it was possible. Still making my final decisions on what course I will do in university next year.

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Monday, 1 December 2014

• Tumblr Inspiration #2•

This is a quick, short post which I have had in my draft for a few months now. I love Tumblr these pictures incorporate a lot of things I have been loving including Arctic Monkeys (that love will never go away), holographic clutches and clothing, cute cats and 90's teen films. I've been watching a lot of them for the past few weeks and Clueless has to be one of my favourites. 

Whilst, we are all in winter, we can only dream about the beautiful summer that awaits us. Actually, I'm from Australia so it is summer here muahahaha. However, as this post is posted, I'm currently in the Northern Hemisphere so I am experiencing winter but winter has its perks as well. After Zoella posting about her holiday again, Santorini is a place I definitely want to visit. How beautiful is it? 

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Monday, 24 November 2014

I'm So Happy 'Cause Today I Found My Friends, They're In My Head

Top: Brandy Melville (similar)
Skirt: Topshop (similar)
Shoes: ASOS (similar)

It's only fitting that the title of this blog post is a tribute to Nirvana. As Superwoman would say: Whaddup t-shirt reference! The song lyric is from Lithium- one of my personal favourites along with In Bloom, Heart-Shaped Box, Rape Me, Scentless Apprentice, Drain You, Aneurysm and Smells Like Teen Spirit. I'm going to stop there before I get carried away. 

The top is from Brandy Melville which I have barely worn. Wearing it made me re-listen to Nirvana a lot today which I'm grateful for. I'm also wearing my Topshop denim skater skirt which I have worn a lot. Polar opposites. Brandy Melville has some lovely clothes and gives me a lot of fashion inspiration so I think I might show some of my favourite outfits on the Brandy Melville website for you sometime.

I tried the winged eyeliner and the dark lip combo. I'm wearing a rimmel lipstick in Sloane's Plum. It's a beautiful plum shade and it doesn't accentuate any dry patches (and I have very chapped lips) and has incredible pigmentation. I think this is great for the autumn and winter for a grunge or vampy look.  

As I am posting this, I am currently in Shanghai.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Iphone Cases

I picked up these two iPhone 5 cases from Sportsgirl for only $3.46. That comes to under $2 each which I think is fantastic. Although they are plain, I am in love with the baby pink and mint colours and that I can change between the two cases on a daily basis. They are silicone cases and hence so soft and won't chip like my last one.

I've compiled a wishlist of other phone cases that I like. I think the Pugeroni phone case from Urban Outfitters is rad. Pizza and pugs, yes please. I'm also super attracted to metallics and cute patterns and quotes. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

In the meantime, I have spent a lot of time watching Parks and Recreation. It's been less than a week and I've watched all six seasons and hence now up to date when it comes back at the beginning of 2015. 

And I hope you're all well and don't forget to treat yo self.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

They are the Hunters, We are the Foxes

Shirt: Forever New
Skirt: Glassons
Shoes: Hush Puppies (from Myer)
Headband: Lovisa

My mum bought a few headbands from Lovisa the other day. I think this floral headband is beautiful making this outfit more feminine and it gets me in the spring vibe. I'm not sure whether I love or hate that word. Vibe. 

I paired it with my chambray shirt from Forever New. I love the dipped hemline as well as it covers a good portion of the butt and just a different style to the usual. A black skater skirt is so versatile as well as black flats and a black shoulder bag. I like sticking to the basics.

I've been watching a lot of films lately. I watched The Virgin Suicides for the first time. It's directed by Sofia Coppola who also directed Lost in Translation, a film I love. I'm going to admit, it was a little eerie and haunting but the cinematography is brilliant and it is dark and fascinating. The film is in the perspective of a few boys who want to help the Lisbon sisters as they solely understand their struggle of living in a household with an overprotective mother, sheltering them from the real world and refusing to accept the realities of their thoughts. 

On a happier note, I also watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time. Ok, I have a lot of movies I haven't watched. I mainly watched this because I picked up Lush's Christmas Holly Golightly Bubble Bar and was initially oblivious to the reference they made. Firstly, Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous and I was rooting for Holly and Paul (Fred) the whole time. It's a great romantic comedy to watch.

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spotlight on Urban Outfitters

1 // 2 // 3

4 // 5 // 6

7 // 8 // 9

Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite online stores and it's one I really want to see in Australia. We've already had Topshop, Zara and now H&M and Sephora is coming in December. yay! I love Urban Outfitters. it gives me so much inspiration not just for fashion but also home decor and music. What really sparked me was so many of the models had hats and it gives me the urge to get one. I think it can make an outfit look chic and perfect for markets and that sort of scene but Clarissa was too chicken to buy one because she thought it was too expensive. My favourite outfits are 2, 3 and 5. Click on the numbers to see it on the UO website.

1989 from Taylor Swift came out recently and I'm liking Taylor a lot more these days. My favourites off the album are: Shake It Off, Style, Bad Blood, I Know Places and Clean. I highly recommend this album to you all. I've always thought Taylor had been leaning towards pop for years now and I'm hearing that 1989 is set to earn the largest sales week for any album since 2002. You go girl!

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Back to Blogging

I haven't posted a blogpost in three weeks as I was preoccupied with final exams but now they are over and I have four months of pure bliss. Some exams went better than others but what's done is done and now I have to wait until the 17th of December to see the dreaded results ugh. One of my friends baked cupcakes for the end of the physics exam (my last exam on Friday) which I'm so grateful and it was so delicious. It tasted like freedom haha. I'm pretty sure I'm not pointing my rude finger in the image in case anyone was curious.

My formal is soon which I am so wondrously prepared for. In other words, not at all. I did go shopping today with friends but none of the dresses really pleased me also I did not have $200 on hand with me. I guess I'll have to tag my mum sometime this week to get it sorted- I'm sure she will love it. Not. I'm not going to Schoolies unfortunately because I am going off on holiday with my family for a month which I'm excited for so I'm not that sad. I'm going to Shanghai, China and it should be fantastic. It will also be a lot colder compared to the stinky, humid weather here in Sydney. 

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Glassons
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: handed by my mum

Let's pretend this is a proper outfit of the day post. I'm sorry for the quality and my phone case is awful. It's all chipped off and rather hideous but I bought a new phone case today which I will show later. I didn't purchase the hat it was way too expensive but damn it is perfect for summer. I've been wearing this pair of Topshop boots everywhere lately but they look so much better at a side angle. Now I'm off to watch American Horror Story. And to do some exercise. I have ballooned from all that comfort eating when studying for exams. 

Did y'all have a good Halloween? 

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Update: Mint Shades and Banana Milkshakes

Another lazy day at the home although I had taken these pictures almost a fortnight ago-I really am lazy. I'm sorry for the lack of posts but I am excited to share more outfits, hauls, reviews and other things in the future so get excited! 

You can't even tell but I made banana milkshakes (looks just like milk in the pictures) for two- for my brother and I. You can tell I'm still wearing my pyjamas- I love Disney and I'm not ashamed of wearing pyjamas all day. I wore my new nail polish which is a gorgeous mint shade 'Breakfast in Bed' from Rimmel by Rita Ora. It's a little streaky so definitely at least two coats. One of my nails was being a twat and I just couldn't get the nail polish on smoothly so I just gave up. However I highly recommend the range, the colours are beautiful. Even after a whole week and barely a single chip in sight and I didn't even apply a top coat. 

I'm finally getting in the zone before my final exams. The downside is my exams are in two days. I'm pretty sure I've had at least one month to prepare. Brilliant.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

September Wishlist

Here in Australia, we have finished our hibernation from the winter and heading into spring, I am enjoying the splash of colour whilst still maintaining that minimalist look. 

The striped dress is an item I have longed for ages. I think it is so effortlessly chic and that paired with the floppy hat is an amazing outfit. I have wanted a basic strappy top as well. I think it's very elegant and oozes 'fashionista'. The clutch is a statement piece and I think will go well with the top and hat. The coral on the sandals is perfect for those sunny days coming up. 

I love Topshop nail polish. I've said it many times but the polka dot packaging gets to me every time and the colour range is fantastic. I've picked up two light shades, one in lilac and the other in light blue. I'm not daring enough to wear neons and brighter shades but I think these colours work nicely during the spring time. I do have one in New Wave which is like a neon orange and I can't wait to wear it sometime. It looks hot! 

University applications had to be submitted tomorrow. I finished mine so I wouldn't need to pay the late registration fee. Score. Luckily our options are not set in stone as we can change them until late January which makes me less stressed. At the moment, I'm tossing between Commerce (Liberal) at the University of Sydney, Commerce/Arts or Commerce/Media (PR and Advertising) at UNSW or Business/Law at UTS. So many decisions! But I have to get the marks first... in the meantime, I'm busy revising (not quite). I've watched quite a few episodes of World's Strictest Parents. Literally why? 

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Remember Me for Centuries

Top: Miss Shop from Myer
Jeans: from Myer
Shoes: from The Iconic

Bonjour mes amies! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. For today, I wore my polka-dot top. I think I bought this in Year 7 or around then, so it's safe to say, it's lasted me for a while and I have worn it a lot throughout the years. I've paired it with my light blue jeans and favourite white t-bar shoes. I've been loving wearing jeans with a lighter colour recently and would be an excellent staple for all of your autumn and winter wardrobes. I've still yet to own a pair of ripped jeans but the time will come. It's been long overdue. 

I'm a bit late but I also recently watched The Inbetweeners 2 and that was so funny but I won't spoil too much. Since it's set in Australia, when the boys were in Sydney, I was like 'I know this place!'. haha. My favourite scene was when they were at the theme park which is actually Wet n' Wild in the Gold Coast. I'm not been told to advertise but that place is amazing! I love water theme parks. The rides are not as extreme but they are heaps of fun and you get to be in the water and wear swimwear

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Graduation ♡

It started off in 2002 when I was a little girl heading off for her first day at school. I remember that day vividly because I jammed my finger in the front door of my house and it turned all black and blue. Great start Clarissa. You didn't even enter the school gate yet. But I have always loved school. I loved learning. I loved hanging out with my friends and talking about things and having a laugh. I was a bit of a naughty kid. I remember sitting in the naughty corner a few times in kindergarten but I don't remember what for. But I was also a very shy kid. But the friends I had made had made me the loving, bubbly and silly girl I am. In 2003, I was no longer with my best friend so I made new friends. I had a very lovely teacher who really supported me. I even got a special award at presentation day. In 2004, my brother enrolled in my school for kindergarten. Now we were in the same school. I made more friends. I learnt the recorder and we performed at the Sydney Opera House. We moved house which meant moving schools. I remember the assembly when they farewelled non year 6 students. There was me, crying heavily and my brother with his eyes dry. Maybe it's because he was only in the school for a year but he has always been the more emotionally stable one. I don't actually remember seeing him cry before. I'm serious. He is a really tough person. 

Then came 2005. My new school. I was alone on my first day walking around the whole school with my water bottle. Maybe it was because I was the new kid and I did weird things but I always thought people were laughing at my back. I tried not to think about it. I remember I used to always carry my water bottle around in the playground and lose my cap whenever we went to the library. Always. I remember handball haha. However, I did make some friends which were really supportive of me and were very friendly and nice. This continued throughout 2006. In 2007, I found the awesomeness that was MSN. Hooray for everyone who remembers it. I loved it. Now I could interact with friends from outside school hours. I was never the sort of person who would give phone calls. I still sort of don't. I was always the one who gave nudges on MSN haha. I remember the emo phase which I wasn't really into because I only knew music from the radio that my parents would play. I wasn't exactly in with the times let's say. I did have a MySpace page I remember that haha. I remember Tamagotchis. I don't know if it was during this time but that was the craze and I took excellent care of my pet. I made new friends and was known for being the teaxher's pet which I took to be a huge compliment. 

Then 2008. What a year that was! I had a best friend who I had a really strong friendship with. I made even more friends. Since we were a 5/6 class, all the year 5 girls loved me. I passed a test to gain entry to a top high school which made me very happy and my parents very happy of course.  There was a boy in my class who I fancied for the entire year. He threw an apple at my head at the swimming carnival which my best friend said to me was a sign that he liked me haha. Remember when we all thought that when a boy was mean to you, he liked you? Does that still apply to you when you're older. Fast forward to the end of 2008. My last day of primary school. I remember bawling my eyes out during the farewell because I wasn't going to see these people again- the lovely friends I had made. I was going to miss my handsome crush who I had spent the whole year oogling at because he sat opposite me in class. Haha. I was going to miss my beloved teacher who I had for two years and who I still remember very well to this day. A kind, generous woman who was so engaging and supportive towards all her students. No wonder so many high school students randomly came back to visit her when we were in class :) 

We had the graduation dinner that night I think. I wore a yellow polka dot dress. I remember my mum gave me a phone for the night. It was a flip phone. Remember those? I remember the chips and steak we had. Is that weird? I remember the singing and dancing of us sweaty, young 11/12 year old children being carefree dancing along the 'cool' hits of 2008 which I will probably cringe at. 

Then came 2009. A new school. Also an all girls school. I was the only one from my primary school. Minus the family friends and a few people I knew from other schools. I remember sitting down on the first day with a family friend. We told each other we would be together. But when the classes were read out we weren't together and I thought it was going to be terrible. But thankfully I was wrong. I made lots of friends that year, joined lots of groups. I even started to learn the violin which was great because I entered up going to the school orchestra in later years and we went on lots of tours which was heaps of fun. No longer would in be a casual five minute walk to school but rather a forty minute train trip one-way. I wouldn't say it to be the worst thing. I've made so many friendships via the train and other days, it is great to just listen to music by myself. 

Over the years, I started to mature. I got rid of the ridiculous outfits my mum made me wear. Enough of the matching hoodies and trackpants. Enough of the pigtails I wore in kindergarten to the plait I would wear until year six. Mainly because in Year 7 I cut half my hair off haha. I not only became someone who was fun-loving, bubbly and funny but someone who was considerate and gave lots of advice and who could give you a serious conversation. I also learnt more at school of course. Maths was always the strong point for me. I remember deliberately skipping PE by going to sickbay. Don't tell me none of you did that. We had teachers for different subjects. We had to move around. I remember making conversation with a girl in an attempt to make a friend and answering a question by saying twilight was my favourite book because I thought that was cool despite never reading it. Still will not read it haha. I remember being half an hour late to my first class which was French and all I could muster when being asked what I knew about France was, they eat snails. Haha. The school seemed so big, so daunting. But when I look back at it, my school was not big at all. We have a small patch of grass which has became a running joke within the school. And we tell the new year sevens that there is a swimming pool on top of the library haha. 

Year 8 was 2010. I successfully completed one year of high school. Woo hoo! Then came 2011 which was year 9. I learnt to surf, started volunteering and I did the Duke of Edniburgh award and felt like a good citizen haha. I had a job now. I worked at McDonalds. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great by any means. I began as the cleaner and chatted with the girls at the Mccafe when I didn't have anything to do. They were older than me so I felt really cool hanging out with them. I quit in about 6 months. I think this was a year where people became rebellious, especially skipping school. Thankfully, I didn't join this :p 

2012 was Year 10. I remember being in the school magazine committee where I organised the school magazine which was to be handed out at the end of the year to everyone. I thought that was pretty big. I remember our first ever formal. That was a huge event. I wore a lovely black sequin dress from Topshop and it was an absolutely fabulous night. I almost won the award for best cleavage of the night which thank god I didn't win. It was our last year of being juniors. My brother is currently in this year and I wonder what his senior high school life will pan out to be like. I'm excited for him. 

2013 was Year 11 which meant things started to get serious. We had subject selections. I chose maths, English, chemistry, physics and economics. Academically, it was a disastrous year which I won't go into. We had the social. More events. More friends. I went to my first ever concert that year to which the person I went with states the term is 'losing our concert virginity'. Or maybe I coined that haha. I felt more independent. I remember vividly the train and bus rides I had with many of the girls and can definitely say I will miss that very much. I was also a peer support leader with my good friend where we bonded with five of the new year sevens making them fit in our school to make their first  few weeks not seem as daunting. :)

Then came Year 12. It's the year 2014. Academically I did so much bigger which thank god!! I was so close to topping the mathematics course. I finished the course 2nd but I'm very proud. I remember coming 80th in the chemistry course last year which this year I was able to cut to a top 30. I made even more friends. I quit music which I am sad about but don't really regret. I can always pick up the violin again and I will always cherish the memories I had with the amazing and talented girls. And I will not miss waking up at 5:30 am for band rehearsal. I very much enjoy the sleep in. 

In all seriousness, there were tears. There was stress. There was anger. Exams got real. But this year had just gone so quickly. All of a sudden we went down to the last week of school. On Monday, I rocked up as a private school boy. On Tuesday, I wore my junior uniform again and I felt so cute and young. On Wednesday, we dressed up beautifully for our school luncheon when the year 11s treated us to dance, song and of course food. It was a brilliant day especially taking photos of the lovely girls with us wearing beautiful dresses and even some of the teachers too. Then it was Thursday. Even before I had left the house that day, the tears came. I recreated some photos from my kindergarten years. We started the day signing each other's bears and being casual and relaxed (on the outside). But when we had the informal graduation assembly with the whole school I knew the tears were going to come again. I cried when we had to sing our farewell song and going down to the quadrangle with the whole school there giving us flowers and hugs. I will never forget the people I were hugging with- the memories I had with them. And then they all left as the school bell rang. 

They would all come back to school but it hit me that I would not. Well I would because of my final exams but no longer as a student. A student of this lovely school I had been in since 2009 and a student in a school since 2002. I hugged some of my fellow year 12s. Taking photos and more crying. And then came the formal graduation. My parents came with my brother who I think was reluctant to go haha. I received a certificate and a few gifts and cried more to some of the speeches- of my lovely, generous year adviser and of course the school captain. We gave her a standing ovation which I think she most whole-heartedly deserved. We 159 girls grew up together, making memories and friendships over the years and now we were the graduating class of 2014 which also happened to be the centenary year of my school which makes it even more special. I am so blessed to have known these girls over the years. My parents treated me to a restaurant, cake and my mum brought me a photo frame which she will put a photo of me from every schooling year. I didn't explain it well but I thought it was a touching, thoughtful present. 

I'm sorry for the really long post and thank you for reading and making it this far. I wanted to do this for myself so I can look back on this post. It's now 2014 and now its finally come to the end. During the school luncheon, one of the girls compared it to midnight. Midnight is 12am. The day has ended. The school journey has come to an end. But just like midnight, it will be a new day and I'm excited for what lays ahead. To all those still in school, enjoy your time, cherish the memories and for those who have just recently graduated or have graduated, I hope you look back on your young schooling years and think of the memories you have. 

Listening To: We're All in This Together // High School Musical (this was a very cheesy choice but it was my Year 6 and 12 graduation song ^-^)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty Haul

Over the weekend, I went shopping again. I went to Lush to have a look and it makes me really want to work there. Everyone is just so friendly, it's such a fantastic atmosphere and you get to be around all these amazingly scented products all day. I picked up the Twilight Bath Bomb which I think smells absolutely amazing and I can't wait to use it. I also asked for a sample of a cleanser to which the lady recommended the 9 to 5 Cleanser which I have not used yet but am excited to. I also picked up the Stress Fix Body Lotion in lavender from Aveda. I did not purchase this but rather liked Aveda on Facebook to get a free sample so I'll definitely recommend that to anyone passing by in store. (next to Lush in the QVB, Sydney I think....haha) I'm waiting for a very stressful or luxurious day to use this product. Lastly, I went to the Body Shop to buy their Body Butter in Mango. All their body butters smell so good and I've been loving this so far. They actually had a sale in there for once. I've never seen one before and wanted to pick up their BB cream which has been raved about recently in many blogs and videos but I decided not to. Maybe another time. 

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Favourites

I have never done a Favourites post as of yet and I can't believe we are already into September (time flies). Here are some of my favourites from August.

I adore this product and I have been getting so many uses, something I rarely get with most products- you can see this feature in my blog post here. This product is great if your hair is feeling a little greasy. It removes the grease and even creates a little bit of volume if you want that. I have the one with a floral scent and it is just lovely- but not overpowering.

This was bought no joke, on the last day of August, but I felt like I had to include this because from the little time we've been together, it has been an absolutely amazing product. Creme Brulee is a pinkish nude which is perfect for a natural look- especially for me who has to go to school. It glides so smoothly on the lips and is not overly sticky and has a reasonably long lasting power. I love most if not all the colours of this range, particularly because most of them are pink or nude and hence look very natural, and I highly recommend them. 

Estee Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush in 03 Nude Light (no longer available)
This is not mine but actually my mum's. Sorry mum. But I do love stealing her stuff, I mean "borrow" ahem. I just realised this product is discontinued (about two years ago haha) but I love it so much and it's a shame it has been discontinued. This creme blush blends very well and doesn't need to be touched up during the day. This colour is more of a bronze so it's great for a sun-kissed glow.

I bought this concealer recently during a 50% off Maybelline product sale and so far it has been really good. It is of great consistency, provides medium coverage and works well for my undereyes and other small blemishes. It is super blendable and I am a fan of the doe foot applicator because it allows me to have more control of the amount of product I'm using- well for me anyway. 

Sportsgirl Nail Polish in Matte White
I picked this up for $1 AUD and after putting it on realised I really like having white nails. I think they look gorgeous. Their formulas can be a hit and miss- this one was relatively alright, no significant chipping but their nail polishes are always on sale and always on trend so I'm always checking for their sales.

Topshop Ladder Stripe Sweater (no longer available)
I bought this on New Years Eve a few years ago. I remember that because I remember watching the fireworks later that night. I love the khaki colour and its versatility and have only recently started wearing this as the Australian winter has slowly faded and we are heading into spring. Time to start wearing clothes that have just been in my wardrobe collecting dust for the last few months.
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Maybelline Haul

After seeing a 50% off sale for the entire Maybelline range, I couldn't help but buy a few goodies. Firstly, I bought the Falsies Flared mascara which was partially because I've heard so many rave reviews from many beauty bloggers and YouTubers. Hopefully it gives me that flared look as well as decent volume and length. For once, don't you want products to do what they say. Secondly, I bought the Fit Me Concealer in shade 20. I bought this because I need a concealer and have heard good reviews on this. It reminds me of NARS packaging which I like. Lastly, I bought the Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. I know Maybelline's gel eyeliner has amazing reviews but having to dip into a pot all the time has got to be time-consuming- also this was cheaper. I also got their famous Colour Tattoos in the amazing shade Bad to the Bronze. It sold like crazy, there was only one shade left and all the other shades were really bright such as blue and yellow. As a person more inclined to more neutral shades, I just had to buy this. Have you tried any of these before and what did you think of it?

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

I Keep Going to the River to Pray

Top // Topshop
Cardigan // Topshop
Jeans // from Myer 
Shoes // ASOS 

I've feel that my outfit photos are getting worse. Sssssh guys, I still use my iPhone 5 as a camera for my blog haha and I haven't bought any new clothes in..... I don't remember. Maybe about a month? Applaud for me. I guess it's good to have not bought many clothes at the moment because it allows me to get a few more uses of some of my items of clothing, many of which I never really wear.

Today's outfit is just something I would wear casually on a Sunday. This cardigan is my go to cardigan for this winter. It's grey, it's knitted and it is so warm and soft. However, if you get caught up, some of the knitted stitching gets loose which is quite annoying.  I hope y'all had a good weekend. Also I swear my eyes are open in the first picture, I think I'm just looking down so it gives off the impression my eyes are closed. 

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hello all! You may have seen this product floating around on the blogosphere (probably for a while now) and I thought I might try it. I can get greasy hair very easily even after about two days which makes me feel quite gross at times and I thought this product could help me when I'm busy and need to revitalise my hair. I haven't really thought about using dry shampoo on a regular basis so this is the only dry shampoo I have tried. 

This product is hyped but I definitely think it's worth it. Not only is the scent so lovely and not overpowering, but this dry shampoo tames my mangled hair and gets rid of the grease and damn my hair looks good after this. For only £2.25 ($4 AUD), this product is so inexpensive but a staple in my everyday routine although I did purchase the smaller version. However, for the small version, you still get quite a lot of product. It's simple to use and you can use it even when you're in a hurry, just spray the can 30cm from your roots, massage in with your fingers and brush and voila! Have you tried this? 
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